Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today released findings from its annual TV Awareness Study, which reveals that TVs are now the entertainment hub of the home, driven by the increasing popularity of big screen TVs fast becoming the new normal, with quality and product specifications topping the list as the most important factors influencing TV

The study was conducted as part of Samsung’s efforts to better understand consumers in the region and their needs pertaining to TV Screen technologies. Over 1,920 consumers aged 25 to 64 across eight markets in the Southeast Asia and Oceania (SEAO) region were surveyed in the third quarter of 2023.

Yohan Zondak, Head of Visual Display for Samsung Southeast Asia & Oceania, said, “As we look towards the future of entertainment in the home, the findings from our latest annual TV Awareness Study reaffirms our views that consumers are passionate about the content that they want to view, and importantly, ensuring that they have a high-quality and premium viewing experience.

As a pioneer and industry leader in the TV industry, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and to transform the way people consume content, as well as to provide our customers with the best TV experiences in the years to come.”

Big Screen TVs are the New Normal

Across the region, while consumers were generally satisfied with their TVs, large screens were more popular than ever with consumers, with 30% of consumers owning TVs of 53” sizes and above.

In particular, big screen sizes such as 98” are becoming the new norm, as survey results show purchases of even larger TVs of 60” and above has grown more than 10% as compared to the previous year.

At the same time, a whopping 55% of consumers surveyed indicated their intent to purchase bigger TVs 2 in the future as compared to their current ones. Product specifications such as sound quality and smart features played key roles in driving big screen TV purchases such as those from the Neo QLED 8K range.

This shows that while consumers are not shying away from purchasing larger TVs as the centerpiece of their living rooms, screen sizes alone are not the sole driving factor in purchase decisions.

TVs are the Entertainment Hub of the Home

Across the SEAO region, 87% of consumers are proud owners of a Smart TV, with growth in smart TV ownership observed from the year before. It is no surprise that TVs are primarily being used as the main tool for consumers to enjoy a cinematic experience of their favorite content, powered by the latest features.

The study found that consumers in Malaysia find most value in new TVs that allow them to enjoy high quality content (78%), support all of the latest technology and features (75%), and provide them with the most cinematic and immersive experiences possible (79%).


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