Huawei unveiled the new HUAWEI nova Y72, marking the latest addition to the HUAWEI nova Y series product line. The launch will continue the delivery of exceptional performance, showcasing extensive technological upgrades, including a 6,000mAh large battery and the innovative X button for organizing preferred applications in a convenient quick menu.

The HUAWEI nova Y72 boasts an elegant design highlighted by its expansive 6.75-inch
display, achieving an impressive 90.26% 1 high screen-to-body ratio for a truly immersive
viewing experience.

Additionally, it incorporates Smooth Screen Dimming Control, which adjusts the screen brightness based on varying ambient light levels where in daylight, it increases the screen brightness to enhance visibility, while in dark environments, it automatically reduces the screen brightness.

By increasing brightness for better visibility in daylight and automatically reducing it in darker environments, this feature promotes eye health by reducing fatigue and enhancing reading comfort.

The standout feature of the latest HUAWEI nova Y series addition is undoubtedly its robust
6000mAh Powerful Battery providing enduring, uninterrupted performance to seamlessly
meet the demands of all-day usage. With a single charge, users can enjoy up to 31 hours of local video playback, 80 hours of music listening, or 25 hours of web browsing.

Whether you’re on-the-go for work or travel, or simply indulging in entertainment at home, users can relish long-lasting battery life with an absolute peace of mind. Alongside its large battery offering ultra-long life, the HUAWEI nova Y72 features 22.5W HUAWEI SuperCharge, providing efficient charging to ease low battery concerns. It also incorporates AI Battery Saving technology and Intelligent Charging Management for enhanced standby battery life, ensuring a safe, intelligent, and reliable charging experience — all fit into a 128GB capacity smartphone, making it easier to store more photos and songs, as well as downloaded movies and games.

With the new X Button 8 , it will streamline access to frequently used apps. This newest
inventive feature of the X button will cater to daily high-frequency usage scenarios.

The X Button will allow users to customise shortcuts to access key applications through “double click” or “long press” actions, linking directly to two primary applications for swift access in daily routines where users can organise and display preferred transportation, payment, contact, and entertainment applications, such as Grab and Touch ‘n Go eWallet, including the flashlight, calculator, and voice recorder, in a convenient quick menu with a simple tap.

The HUAWEI nova Y72 also brings users a 50MP camera system that features a high-
definition main camera and macro camera.


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