Whether it’s listening to music or work communication, wireless headphones offer you the ability to be cord-free and hands-free, providing you the ultimate mobility.

But that’s not all that they can do – Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro comes with features that add convenience and simplicity to your daily routine. Here are the outstanding features on Galaxy Buds Pro you need to know about.

Galaxy Buds Pro helps to deliver an immersive sound experience with the Intelligent Active Noise Canceling (ANC), alongside with a spectrum of ANC and Ambient Sound modes to suit your everyday need.

If you are living with other people while working from home during this pandemic, it might be fairly challenging to focus on work.

Thanks to ANC, you can reduce the background noise by up to 99 percent[1] and adjusting to your ideal level. And with Ambient Sound, you can choose to amplify nearby sounds by staying alert for important conversation at your surroundings.

Check out the simple steps below to fully utilise ANC and Ambient Sound functions:

ANC Feature

Step 1: Launch the Galaxy Wearable app

Step 2: Tap “Active Noise Canceling” under the “Noise Controls” section

Step 3: Choose the ANC level, either “High” or “Low”

Ambient Sound Feature

Step 1: Launch the Galaxy Wearable app

Step 2: Tap “Ambient Sound” under the “Noise Controls” section

Step 3: Adjust the volume of the sound around you

Not only that, the Galaxy Buds Pro is able to detect conversation and automatically switch between ANC and Ambient Sound – it turns down your music when you want to talk with others. Go to your favourite cafe and order your meal without taking off your earbuds, this intelligent feature will fine-tune the setting itself.

Learn more about the Intelligent ANC in Galaxy Buds Pro at Samsung Malaysia YouTube.