Dell and Alienware Set a New Bar for Excellence with redesigned PC Gaming portfolio, Alienware Design and esports Partnerships at Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

AT the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Dell and Alienware are bringing innovation front and center to satisfy the growing PC gaming market – high-end, thin and light and affordable machines for amateur and professional gamers, high-profile partnerships with esports brands like Team Liquid and Riot Games – to make the gaming experience more competitive, personalised and accessible.

Alienware 17 Area-51m

“We’re excited to come to this year’s CES with some truly groundbreaking products, next-gen software and strategic partnerships that will bring more people to experience PC gaming and advance the industry,” said Frank Azor, vice president and general manager, Alienware, G Series and XPS.

“The legend design answers the call for more and better from our gaming community, and the new G Series laptops will make PC gaming even more accessible to those looking for high-performance gaming at a cost they can appreciate.”

Introducing a new story for the ages: Alienware Legend Driven by the ethos of purposeful innovation, Alienware marks CES 2019 as a brand milestone with the debut of a totally new design identity, Alienware Legend, which sets a new bar of excellence for what gamers want most – performance and function.

Alienware evaluated multiple concepts and chose one that was the biggest and boldest
departure from its current look and the sea of sameness in the industry.

Alienware Legend stays true to the brand’s core design tenets, taking cues from its
deep roots in sci-fi culture and its early industrial designs, to distinguish the brand from
the rest of the industry.

The new Legend design is optimised with cutting-edge thermal and cooling technology to achieve and sustain overclocking power, improved AlienFX lighting, ultra-thin screen borders, and a new “three-knuckle hinge” design that reduces the overall dimension while creating a stronger assembly, all combining to yield the ultimate gaming experience.

Alienware m17

Legend also introduces two optional finishes, Lunar Light and Dark Side of the Moon, more ways for gamers to stand out from the competition.

Alienware Area-51m with new Legend design is Alienware’s most powerful gaming laptop with multiple “firsts” Alienware Area-51m, its most powerful gaming laptop 1 , is the first product to reflect the new Legend brand identity.

Almost twenty years after Alienware launched the first gaming laptop with upgradeable graphics, garnered praise for its performance and went on to garner multiple awards, the company is proud to launch its second flagship notebook with upgradeable graphics and processors.

The reimagined Area-51m is Alienware’s most powerful, upgradeable gaming laptop ever conceived. It marks the first and only laptop with a 9th Gen 8-core desktop processors, 64GB 2 of memory, 2.5Gbps Ethernet technology, upgradeable graphics and desktop processors, and 17” Alienware laptop with a narrow-bezel display with 144Hz.

The Area-51m also has cutting-edge thermal and cooling technology, 50% more
performance and 32% less volume than its predecessor.

Alienware’s latest flagship mobile gaming experience, the new Area-51m is stuffed with
an array of gaming must-haves, including the Tobii eye-tracking technology and the
latest Alienware Command Center.

Alienware m15 and the new Alienware m17 keep the focus on portability Alienware recently introduced its thinnest and lightest 17” gaming notebook, the new Alienware m17, adding to the recently announced Alienware m15, for gamers on-the-go who prioritise weight and thinness for mobility. Powerful enough to handle high-graphic games, yet portable enough to take from destination to destination, the m15 starts at 4.76 lbs (2.16kg) 3 , while the m17 starts at just 5.79 lbs (2.63kg).

Performance is delivered with the 8 th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7 processors featuring dynamic CPU overclocking, thanks to elevated thermal headroom from Cryo-Tech Cooling technology.

These industry-best processors are paired with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 20 Series GPUs that deliver advanced gaming features including real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence and programmable shading.

For those looking for an affordable yet powerful gaming system or purchasing their first
gaming system, look no further than the new G Series. The G5 15 and G7 (in both 15”
and 17” models) are redesigned to deliver enhanced performance with upscale features
in a sleek chassis.

The thinnest G Series to date with beautiful narrow borders, the G5 and G7 incorporate
8 th Gen Intel CFL-H quad- and hex core processors and the latest NVIDIA graphics to
optimise demanding AAA game titles and versatility for everyday use.

In addition to the option of a blazing 144Hz refresh rate and G-SYNC display panels, the G5 and G7 are offering Alienware Command Center and 4-zone RGB keyboard with customisable backlighting for the first time.

The Dell G5 15 Special Edition is also available in alpine white, with a clear panel on the bottom of the system to show off the blue fans of the cooling system.

Alienware Command Center responds to the community Alienware is distinguished by a fierce commitment to innovation and those who appreciate it. Having listened to feedback from its community, Alienware made more than 30 updates to its proprietary Alienware Command Center, the central hub that allows gamers to customise all aspects of their experience including system and peripheral lighting, power management, thermal control, overclocking, audio, and content organisation.

An Alienware first, the Alienware Command Center now offers GPU overclocking (and
underclocking), allowing changes to take effect at the system level and work in conjunction with CPU and RAM overclocking as well as thermals. These user interface improvements make Alienware Command Center easier to use.

Alienware doubles down on esports through continued Team Liquid expansion At CES 2018, Alienware and Team Liquid announced their collaboration on the first Alienware Training Facility. Located in Los Angeles, the 10,000+ sq.ft. facility and studio space serves as the US headquarters for the storied esports organisation.

Alienware 17 Area-51m

Alienware will become the Official Competition PC and display partner for the League of
Legends Championship Series (LCS), the League of Legends European Championship
(LEC), as well as in four major international competitions: the Mid-Season Invitational,
North America vs. Europe Rift Rivals, the All-Star Event, and the pinnacle of esports
competitions, the League of Legends World Championship, which set new esports
viewership records in 2018, with 99.6 million unique viewers watching the World Finals.

Powering the competition behind League of Legends two premier Leagues and four
international tournaments deployed around the globe will be a fleet of hundreds of
Alienware Aurora R8 desktops paired with top-of-the-line AW2518H 240Hz G-sync
gaming monitors.

Each Alienware PC setup within the fleet will leverage Dell’s SupportAssist diagnostic features enabling proactive tools designed to detect and prevent technical issues before they have a chance to critically impact a match. These new diagnostic features will help to improve the overall performance and responsiveness of the PC hardware fleet and elevate the competitive experience.

For the fans watching online and especially those who attend local League of Legends
esports events, Alienware will work closely with Riot Games to collaborate on a variety
of onsite fan activations at all major LoL esports events, geared towards celebrating the
elite competitions and the passionate fan base and community.

Alienware and Dell Gaming Kick off CES with Innovation Awards At CES 2019, Dell celebrates nine CES 2019 Innovation Honoree Award wins, spanning it’s Alienware, G Series, Precision, XPS, Latitude, Gaming and Displays portfolios.


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