The 5G Rahmah Government Initiative is ushering in a transformative era of connectivity and accessibility for Malaysians. Focusing on enabling 5G connectivity for all, this initiative is set to empower consumers with an enhanced digital experience like never before.

It’s about ensuring that Malaysians can harness the full potential of 5G technology, from fast internet speeds to ground breaking innovations in various aspects of life. In line with this mission, Samsung Malaysia is introducing the Galaxy M14 5G phone, designed to bring the power of 5G to every Malaysian. 5G technology provides faster data speed, enhancing the overall mobile experience.

This translates to quicker downloads, seamless streaming and improved online gaming. Additionally, 5G networks are designed to handle the increasing demands of the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling better connectivity for smart devices.

As 5G continues to expand, it opens the door to innovate applications such as augmented and virtual reality, making 5G smartphones a future-proof investment.

Hyper-Fast 5G Connectivity

Say goodbye to buffering and enjoy seamless streaming, gaming and browsing like never before. Enjoy super-smooth and uninterrupted entertainment with Hyper-Fast 5G Connectivity; you will never want to have your mood spoiled just because of the slow in the connectivity for the activity that you are enjoying.

Power Packed Performance in Your Hand

With a powerful 12GB RAM, including RAM Plus that provides intelligent memory expansion by using your storage as virtual memory. With more memory, you can have more apps open in the background and launch apps faster.

Also, it comes with a 4.7x better GPU than its predecessor, the Galaxy M14 5G is designed for high-performance computing, ensuring smooth multitasking, gaming and so much

Long Lasting Battery Life

Galaxy M14 5G boasts a 6000mAh battery that provides up to 25 hours of video playback, ensuring your device stays powered throughout the day. One of the main criteria of people choosing smartphone now will be the battery lifespan. No point to have a smartphone with low battery lifespan even with Hyper-Fast 5G Connectivity, as you can’t enjoy to the fullest.


On top of providing all the benefits mentioned above, we are also partnering with leading telco to offer the Galaxy M14 5G smartphone at an even more accessible price point. The attractive package includes:
i. Celcom: Get your Galaxy M14 5G free with XPAX Postpaid 60 when you add the 5G Booster.
ii. Digi: Enjoy the power of 5G with a free Galaxy M14 5G when you subscribe to Digi Postpaid 60, paired with the 5G Booster.
iii. UM: Galaxy M14 5G is available at just RM119 with the U Postpaid 68 package. Additionally, enjoy an exclusive RM10 rebate per month for 24 months.
iv. YES: The YES Power 35 package offers the Galaxy M14 5G at an affordable price of RM240. But the excitement doesn't end there. With every Galaxy M14 5G purchase, consumers can redeem a complimentary three-month subscription to Viu, the popular streaming platform. Here is how you can claim your Viu subscription:
i. Purchase the Galaxy M14 5G.
ii. Log in to Samsung Members.
iii. Click on the banner.
iv. Redeem your unique code.
v. Download and open the Viu app.
vi. Tap on "Redeem Code" within the Viu app.
vii. Enter your redemption code and click ‘Next’

So don’t miss this opportunity to invest in a faster, more connected and exciting future with the all new Galaxy M14 5G.