The wait is almost over as HONOR Malaysia gears up to launch its highly anticipated HONOR 90 Series in Malaysia. But that’s not all, the event promises even more surprises with the introduction of the HONOR 90 Lite and the HONOR Pad X9 tablet to complete an impressive trio line-up of release.

Catering to the diverse needs of tech enthusiasts across the globe, HONOR aims to deliver cutting-edge technology and innovative features that redefine the mid-range smartphone and tablet market.

This introduction brings the HONOR 90 Series with two model options, with the HONOR Pad X9 becoming the fourth tablet release in Malaysia, giving options to local users.

Here’s what Malaysia can express from the trio:
HONOR 90 – Taking Malaysia by storm with Revolutionary Photography One of the standout features of the HONOR 90 is its impressive 200-megapixel Super Sensing Camera.

This revolutionary camera technology promises to capture stunning, high-quality images, pushing the boundaries of smartphone photography. Pushing groundbreaking barriers, the HONOR 90 boasts a Risk Free Dimming Eye Protection screen, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience without compromising on visual excellence.

HONOR 90 Lite – The Capable Companion

Meanwhile, the HONOR 90 Lite boasts a rear 100MP Main Camera, a 6.7-inch Edgeless Display, and advanced features that cater to the needs of content creators.

With its powerful camera capabilities and advanced features, the HONOR 90 Lite empowers users to capture breath-taking landscapes and stunning self-portraits.

HONOR Pad X9 – Superb Entertainment with Elegance
Lastly, the HONOR Pad X9 tablet offers impressive audio performance and storage capabilities, making it the perfect companion for productivity and entertainment on the

Offering users buttery smooth visuals experience and battery-sustainable experience when engaging in any demanding activities for that non-stop move binge or gaming.

HONOR 90 Series Launch – Coming REAL Soon!
Catch the HONOR 90 series launch event LIVE on July 20, 2023, at 8 PM. You won’t
want to miss the live broadcast on HONOR Malaysia's Facebook page, where you’ll
have a chance to win exciting mystery gifts. For more information and updates about the HONOR 90 series, visit the official website at

Stay tuned as HONOR continues to push boundaries and redefine what's possible in
the world of mobile technology.