Expanded from its beta phase, as seen on the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung’s Galaxy Enhance-X app is now available for a wide range of premium Galaxy smartphones via the Galaxy Store.

This new image editing app lets users freely customize and remaster their photos, especially in those moments when an unwanted stray shadow, a lens distortion, or a lighting imbalance nearly ruins an otherwise great shot.

Powered by AI, Galaxy Enhance-X offers comprehensive one-tap image enhancement as well as the flexibility to adjust specific features, including HDR and Moiré effect. This flexibility allows users to bring out the best in all of their photos.

Powerful and Precise Photo Editing

For those times when you feel your photo needs a more general, all-around lift, Galaxy Enhance-X’s Magic feature is a one-stop solution able to make comprehensive yet intuitive enhancements to your picture.

With just a tap, the Magic feature will leverage deep learning and AI to automatically refine any visual noise, blur, and low details, significantly improving the image quality — instantly.

Galaxy Enhance-X also provides users with a broad range of tools with which they can customize their images. HDR, for example, analyzes highlights, shading, brightness, and contrast, expanding the dynamic range of the image and making its lighting richer without sacrificing quality.

Like many of Galaxy Enhance-X’s features, it also offers different levels of intensity — from 0 to 4 in HDR’s case. Furthermore, the images we receive via social media or other messaging apps often come to us compressed after having been uploaded online.

For such cases, the Upscale tool boosts the resolution of images under 1MP by up to four times for consistent, sharp detail.

To target specific areas with precision, Galaxy Enhance-X has functions like Fix Moiré and Remove Shadows. With Fix Moiré, users can smooth out the repetitive, wavy patterns that often occur when taking photos of laptop, TV, or monitor displays, and, because shadows can sometimes find their way into photos even in well-lit, indoor environments, Remove Shadows isolates and removes them for bright, bold images free of intrusive silhouettes.

Galaxy Enhance-X’s capabilities don’t just stop at those pictures taken within the past 10 minutes. The Old Photo tool harnesses generative AI to restore and bring extra clarity to old or damaged photos.

While optimizing, Old Photo is also sure to maintain any face details, such as expressions, exactly as they were in the original photo, so the resulting shot is clearer and more accurate.

Other leading Galaxy Enhance-X editing functions include Brighten, Fix Blur, Sharpen, Remove Reflection, and Fix Lens Distortion, while the Portrait and Face features help specifically optimize the lighting and balance of portrait shots.

Even Better Image Editing Control at Users’ Fingertips
With Galaxy Enhance-X, users have the freedom to choose the precise changes they make, resulting in ideal images made possible through new levels of customizability. Furthermore, the app’s powerful AI tools can perfect previously-taken or downloaded images on top of those captured with the native Galaxy camera app.

Launching officially on June 20 for a range of premium Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Galaxy Enhance-X is a new level of image innovation that brings personalized customization to every user as well as any photo.