Honda Malaysia’s 4S (Sales, Services, Spare Parts, Body & Paint) Centre provides after-sales convenience for customers to enjoy Joy of Buying

Honda Malaysia continues its focus to improve customer experience by expanding the Body & Paint (BP) Centres at its dealerships.

This year, Honda Malaysia has opened six new BP Centres that have commenced operations, bringing the total Honda BP Centres to 28.

The company is committed to enhancing the customer experience at all Honda dealerships including the BP Centres for customers to truly enjoy the Joy of Buying and peace of mind in its after-sales services.

The existence and expansion of BP Centres are in line with the company’s direction to provide convenience to the customers by fulfilling their various needs in just one centre.

Honda Malaysia Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Toichi Ishiyama said, Honda Malaysia is striving to provide more after-sales convenience to our customers by extending the BP Centre footprint.

“To-date, we have 28 BP Centres in operation. We believe the expansion of BP Centres will help Honda Malaysia meet the increasing demand as well as offer high quality after-sales service and benefits to our customers such as skilled technicians and conducive environment.

“All our dealerships are also equipped with advance facilities and equipment to ensure that our customers’ vehicles are well taken care of. To top it off, Honda Malaysia provides quality products in our BP Centres. This includes Waterborne paint, the revolutionary green product as well as genuine Honda parts that are certified by Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

“We are also working closely with our dealers to deliver top-notch customer experience from sales to after-sales.”

Honda Malaysia has maintained consistent sales growth for the past 5 years, which the company saw an average of 30% increase from 2014 to 2018. The growth also translated to an increase in after-sales service intakes of the company. As of October 2019, Honda Malaysia recorded over 36,000 BP service intakes, a 40% increase from the BP service intakes in the same period last year.

The rising BP service intakes is attributed to customers’ understanding towards the need of genuine Honda bodyworks, parts as well as paintworks for their Honda cars that ensure quality and long-term use.

BP Centre is Honda’s one-stop centre in providing assistance to Honda customers in terms of vehicle inspection, accident vehicle repairs, painting, quality check after maintenance and many more.