Inspired by the familiar sceneries of a cityscape that is filled with human emotions, Samsung Malaysia Electronics introduces its Samsung Galaxy Note9 in Lavender Purple, a creative, one-of-a-kind color, redefined as a mystical shade which gives our users a fascinating aura
and charm.

THE Samsung Galaxy Note9’s Lavender Purple edition (512GB) is now available in Malaysia for a limited time only.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Lavender Purple

From now till the 30 th November 2018, consumers can purchase a unit at participating Samsung Experience Stores and authorised merchants. Moreover, those who purchase a Lavender Purple Galaxy Note9 unit will be entitled to a free 512GB microSD card worth RM1,199, allowing them to enjoy 1TB of storage!

Built for the new-generation of achievers, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 promises to open up a world of possibilities through its strong features that includes fast processing power, advanced camera system, and long-lasting battery.

For more information about the Galaxy Note9’s Lavender Purple edition (512GB), please visit


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