FlyKLIA, Malaysia’s next level interactive and experience-sharing online travel portal, is about to bring a campaign called ‘My Passport to Brag’ to go live on 6 December 2017 to 6 March 2018

THE campaign is targeted at new and existing users of FlyKLIA whereby they could stand a chance to win great prizes including airline tickets, vouchers and premium items. FlyKLIA aims to enhance airport users’ travel experience in Malaysia by creating a platform for both business and leisure travellers to come together and share their experiences. Positioned as a platform for travellers by travellers, users are able to write and read reviews of tourist destinations, learn tips and tricks while travelling and look for places to visit or events to attend.

Acting like a tourist guide, FlyKLIA will assist users in planning the perfect travel itinerary to any destination in Malaysia. Business travellers will also find the portal useful as they will be able to squeeze in a recommended tourist destination or two during their working trip here. Through FlyKLIA, users will be able to obtain travel information and also plan their itinerary by booking transportation and accommodation at the same time.

Mohamed Sallauddin Mat Sah, Malaysia Airports General Manager of Airline Marketing said, “The ‘My Passport to Brag’ campaign is hoped to increase the profile of FlyKLIA website and encourage users to use its itinerary-builder capability in creating its own unique travel itinerary.  More travellers are now searching for unique experiences and hidden gems that will create social media-worthy stories and photographs. FlyKLIA will definitely be one of several platforms for Malaysia Airports to provide joyful experiences to travellers.”

Prizes for ‘My Passport to Brag’ campaign include Malaysia Airlines flight tickets, Sama-Sama Hotel rooms, usage of KLIA Premier Access, ERAMAN and Mitsui Outlet Park shopping vouchers, ERL one-way tickets and limited edition passport holders. To participate in this 3-month campaign, users are encouraged to use the FlyKLIA website’s trip builder, go on their desired holiday and lastly ‘brag’ about the trip or any previous travel experience by submitting articles about it and then sharing it on social media.  Articles with the most ‘shares’ will stand a chance to win airline tickets at the end of each month. In addition, the first 500 participants can redeem Instant Gratification Rewards, where users are required to complete certain steps on the website to win vouchers and passport holders.


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