Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad (Alliance Bank) announced a strategic collaboration with MyTaman, a smart community security app, to expand the reach of the Bank’s Visa Virtual Credit Card (“VCC”) with Dynamic Card Number (“Dynamic Card Number”).

The partnership aims to empower 150,000 MyTaman users with a safe and convenient solution to manage their finances digitally at their fingertips, offering them the flexibility to conduct online transactions with greater peace of mind.

The collaboration between Alliance Bank and MyTaman brings together two frontrunners in their respective fields. Alliance Bank’s Visa VCC is powered by cutting-edge technology and digital innovation to offer users a secure and flexible way to transact online.

Similarly, MyTaman enhances community management through digitalisation, offering a seamless experience for residents. The app simplifies property handover processes and features a cloud-based visitor management system for increased security and convenience.

This partnership signifies a synergy between advanced technologies, empowering individuals to manage their payments securely while fostering a more streamlined community experience.

Gan Pai Li, Group Chief Consumer Banking Officer of Alliance Bank, said: “MyTaman is a unique, leading smart community app that has revolutionised the way residents interact with their living spaces.

With over 150,000 users across more than 350 housing projects, the app offers essential features such as a virtual panic button and a comprehensive visitor management system, ensuring safety and convenience for all.

Their end-to-end support for property developers, from construction to vacant possession, sets them apart in the market. The integration with our Virtual Credit Card further elevates MyTaman’s offering by providing users with cash advance services, bill payments, and enhanced security features such as freezing and deleting cards, as well as enabling one-time use capabilities for their e-commerce purchases.”

“With this virtual credit card, MyTaman users can now effortlessly manage and pay their maintenance fees, rental charges, and subscriptions to popular platforms such as Netflix from the comfort of their own homes.

This integration marks a significant step forward in our mission to deliver exceptional
service and convenience to MyTaman users,” Gan added.

Echoing the same sentiment, Benjamin Lim, CEO of MyTaman, said: “We see value in partnering with Alliance Bank, as they are committed to innovation and continuous improvement to better serve communities.


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