Samsung Wallet offers effortless living convenience, unlocking incredible value with every transaction. With the expansion of MyDebit in Malaysia, tapping and earning has never been simpler.

In just three years, you can redeem rebates up to RM2,160 on any product on Samsung online store. The best part? Samsung Wallet is available on the affordable Galaxy A15, accessible to everyone starting at RM999.

Not only does this offer incredible value for a feature-packed smartphone, but you can also gain rebates and attractive vouchers through your daily use of Samsung Wallet. Imagine grabbing a quick bite at your favourite mamak stall or treating yourself to a meal at a bustling fast-food joint.

With Samsung Wallet on your Galaxy A15, simply tap your phone on any NFC terminal to make a quick and secure payment. Every transaction earns you points with no minimum spend.

So whether it’s savouring a plate of nasi lemak or relishing a juicy burger, you’re not just enjoying your meal—you’re also accumulating rewards for future savings. Start now, and by next Raya, you could put your rebates towards a brand-new AI TV or AI Phone, making these products more affordable.

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