As Hari Raya approaches, capturing the essence of the festivities becomes a cherished tradition for many. With the Galaxy A55 and A35 5G, mastering night photography and safeguarding your precious memories has never been easier.

These devices not only elevate your Raya photography experience with their exceptional features but also offer advanced security features to ensure that your memories are kept safe and secure.

Capture the warm glow of Raya lanterns or the bustling atmosphere of Raya night markets with clarity and vividness, thanks to the AI depth map technology in Galaxy A55 and LN4 (low-noise) technology featured in both devices.

Even in challenging low-light conditions, your Raya photos remain vibrant and detailed, ensuring every magical moment of the season is preserved. Experiment with various settings and techniques to enhance your Raya photography experience.

Utilize the AI depth map feature to capture stunning portraits against festive decorations or colourful lights, adding depth and dimensionality to your images. With LN4 technology, reduce noise for crisp, clear images of vibrant Raya gatherings or serene moonlit nights.

Additionally, take advantage of the Galaxy A55 5G’s big pixel 2um feature to capture intricate details and textures, enriching the depth and richness of your Raya photos. You can also explore Pro mode for manual control over ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, crucial in varied lighting.

Experiment with various settings and techniques to enhance your photography experience, from stunning portraits against festive decorations to crisp images of vibrant gatherings.

But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there. During the Raya holidays, managing sensitive information like e-wallet transactions for Duit Raya or online banking transfers is common. With Samsung Knox Vault, the Samsung Wallet and other crucial data are kept secure, ensuring peace of mind during the festive season.

Additionally, the Secure Folder feature isolates apps like your banking app securely, creating a separate, encrypted space within your device. This ensures that your financial information remains secure.

Whether you’re capturing precious moments with family and friends or storing important documents and apps, Secure Folder and Knox Vault provide comprehensive security.

With their distinct Nightography capabilities and advanced security features, you can capture and safeguard your Raya memories with confidence. Don’t miss out on our special promotion worth up to RM828! Celebrate Raya in style with Samsung!


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