London-based technology company Nothing has today announced that the upcoming Phone (2a) will feature a custom Dimensity 7200 Pro processor co-engineered with MediaTek to deliver the best performance with optimal power consumption.

Built on TSMC’s latest second-generation 4nm process technology, Nothing Phone (2a)’s processor effortlessly powers through any task with unparalleled power efficiency and blazing speed.

The 8-core chip, clocking speeds up to 2.8 GHz, paired with up to an expansive 20GB RAM thanks to the new RAM Booster technology, ensures swift and responsive multitasking all day long.

This results in a performance that is 18% more powerful than Phone (1) and 16% more efficient in terms of battery consumption compared to Phone (1).

Additionally, Nothing has introduced Smart Clean technology, enabling Phone (2a) to regularly clean out-of-order file fragments – an optimisation that boosts read and write speeds. This ensures that Phone (2a) feels as fast as it did on day one, even after years of use.


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