The AI future we’ve long been promised is now within reach. Literally. It’s AI that tags along throughout your workday. On your subway commute, it suggests an eloquent
response to your boss’s email.

In the afternoon, it live translates a call with your global team and provides a summary and transcript immediately after. At night, it helps you archive all the resources and materials you gathered during another dizzying day of multitasking — in seconds.

For all the talk about AI transforming work, the game changer for the workforce is AI that goes everywhere you go. In other words, AI that’s as mobile as your mobile device.

Enter Galaxy S24, Samsung’s first AI-powered phone.

With Galaxy S24, Samsung is harnessing AI to deliver new dimensions of personal convenience, productivity and communication into our daily lives. The impact will be profound in the world of work, where being productive on the go has become part of the job.

Here’s how several of the device’s features, powered by Galaxy AI, transform how we work:

Removing Communications Barriers

Businesses today routinely link up across borders and time zones to pursue new market
opportunities. Accuracy and speed are a must, but international communication can create
misunderstanding, swirl and delays.

Galaxy S24 helps professionals collaborate more effectively whether they’re at the office, working from home or somewhere in between. Real-time, two-way translation on conference calls: You’re setting up a conference call with a potential business partner in an overseas company. You want it to go as smoothly as possible, but you’re concerned about the language barriers.

Galaxy S24’s Live Translate translates phone conversations in real time, ensuring you’ll be as clear, creative and professional with overseas colleagues or clients as you’d be in your own language.

Offered in 17 languages including variations, Live Translate provides two-way translation on both devices, even if one party isn’t using a Galaxy — or even a smartphone.


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