The HUAWEI GoPaint Contest is filled with an air of anticipation and excitement as Huawei launches the HUAWEI MatePad Digital Art Workshop with digital art influencers, @mist_gentleuncle, @constancegohh, and @yahyarushdan, at Huawei Experience Store across Malaysia.

Explore the artistic possibilities of the HUAWEI MatePad 13.2” with @mist_gentleuncle, known for her whimsical and casual comic strips; @constancegohh, with her cute and cosy style by demonstrating how to make the most of the MatePad’s innovative features. Meanwhile, @yahyarushdan, celebrated for his intricate detailing and compact art, showcasing the tablet’s precision for digital art.

Starting from 20 January until 17 February 2024, the workshops will be conducted at participating Huawei Experience Store in Klang Valley, Pulau Pinang and Johor Bahru by these three prominent artists, who will guide participants through the incredible features of the MatePad, showcasing its potential as a powerful tool for digital art creation.

Attendees will have hands-on experience with the device, allowing them to unleash their creativity and discover the limitless possibilities that come with the MatePad Pro 13.2”.

Interested individuals may register for the workshops, where the MatePad Pro 13.2" will be at the centre stage of creativity. Secure your spot by visiting the link here!

In addition to the HUAWEI Digital Art Workshop, you can also stand a chance to win cash prizes of up to USD 55,000 when you participate in the Worldwide Creating Activity – GoPaint Contest, by submitting your work on the GoPaint page in the My HUAWEI app or by posting them on Instagram/Facebook with #HUAWEIGoPaint and #HUAWEIGoPaintMY, and mention @huaweimobilemy.


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