Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced that it will unveil a new vacuum cleaner lineup with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) at CES® 2024.

The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™, a vacuum and mop robot cleaner will bring enhanced AI features and steam cleaning to realize an easier cleaning experience for users.

“I am thrilled to introduce our innovative vacuum cleaner lineup for 2024, the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™, which leverages our latest AI technology to meaningfully improve its usability,” said Moohyung Lee, EVP and Head of the Customer Experience Team of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics.

“With powerful cleaning as a baseline, the new robot cleaner moves the consumer cleaning experience forward through innovative features. We firmly believe it will make cleaning more enjoyable for our customers.”

Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ 1 Brings a Bevy of Advanced, AI-Based Features 2 for a Cleaner Home

Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ with enhanced AI features

The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ is an AI-applied vacuum and mop robot cleaner that improves the user experience both during and after cleaning. The upgraded AI Object Recognition applied to the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ evolves from the technology previously introduced in the Bespoke Jet Bot™ AI+.

It expands the number of objects it can distinguish, enabling more precise driving thanks to 3D sensor applied. The most notable improvement is that AI Object Recognition can also recognize space and stains to provide users with better cleaning experiences.


For firsthand experiences of the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™, attendees of CES® 2024 can visit the Samsung booth. It is currently in development and the features described above are subject to change.


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