What would you do if you were on a call with your boss, and suddenly they request you to open a document or report? How would you handle the situation? Would you stop the call to send the document or opt to share it via email?

What if you’re sending through these two methods, but your boss also wants to make some edits in the document? Video calls on the other hand, offers a solution to address these challenges.

They provide a seamless way to visually demonstrate your points and ideas, not only to your boss but also to a group of people, enhancing collaboration. One particularly effective tool that has gained immense popularity for video calls is Google Meet.

Not only does it offer a seamless platform for professional meetings, but also serves as a convenient way to catch up with friends and colleagues. Moreover, with the ability to transfer your ongoing video call to your Galaxy Tab S9 Series, you now have an added flexibility and convenience at your fingertips!

Transferring Call to A Bigger Screen

With the capability to transfer your Google Meet video call to your Galaxy Tab S9 Series, you gain the flexibility to work anywhere and anytime! This feature is advantageous when you wish to change locations or enjoy a more comfortable viewing experience on a larger screen.

So, imagine when you are in a call and you want to share a document to your friend, but it’s stored in your Galaxy Tab S9 Series. In that instance, the “Transfer Call” feature comes to your rescue, allowing you to seamlessly transition your call. Here’s how to make it happen:

1. Ensure that both your smartphone and Galaxy Tab S9 Series are logged in to the same
Google account.
2. When your friend calls you, both your smartphone and Galaxy Tab S9 Series will receive the notification.
3. To transfer the call from your smartphone to your Galaxy Tab S9 Series, open the Google
Meet page on your Galaxy Tab S9 Series and select the “Transfer Call” feature.
4. Now, your call will seamlessly be transferred to your Galaxy Tab S9 Series.

Following the call transfer, you have the ability to share your screen, making it ideal for group presentations and collaborative brainstorming sessions. Google Meet on the Galaxy Tab S9 Series allows you to connect with up to 31 participants, ensuring high-quality video and voice communication on a large and comfortable screen.

Even when you’re outdoors in bright sunlight, you’ll still enjoy clear visibility of your friends and colleagues. With the Galaxy Tab S9 Series’s large screen size, you can continue interacting with your friends and colleagues effortlessly, no matter where you are!