Strategically situated at the centre of Seremban 2 (S2), Nexus Seremban 2 will set a new
standard as the thriving commercial and retail hub in the township, yielding impressive results during the public launch of the project.

This is evident as IJM Land announces a strong 80% take-up of the various commercial offerings at this premier commercial hub.

The projected Gross Development Value (GDV) for Nexus is estimated at RM300 million.
Encompassing 21.42 acres, Nexus unfolds in two phases. Phase 1 includes 147 units of
freehold 2-storey lifestyle shops, complemented by an additional 19 units with sub-basement car parks.

Ranging from 3,455 sq. ft. to 10,559 sq. ft., each unit boasts a blend of timeless design and retro aesthetics. And priced at RM1.39 million onwards, each Nexus lifestyle shop stands as a testament to quality and desirability, snapped up in quick succession by buyers who believe in IJM’s vision for S2 as one of the fastest-growing satellite townships in Malaysia.


The surge in demand can be attributed to two pivotal factors. Firstly, Nexus Seremban 2 has been strategically envisioned as a dynamic platform for businesses to actively engage with the community, capitalising on existing infrastructure to not only conduct operations, but also attract a consistent flow of potential customers.

Secondly, serving as a prime catchment area for the township, the current resident count of 68,000 in S2 is on a steadfast ascent, projected to surpass 100,000 upon reaching maturity.

As each new S2 neighbourhood develops, they will collectively amplify foot traffic within Nexus, crafting a dynamic commercial ecosystem that encompasses not just shopping and dining options, but also town hall-style social gatherings and community activation events.

This steadily increasing population, coupled with a consistent influx of neighbouring visitors, has created a promising market for retail enterprises and other commercial constituents to flourish.

IJM has done its utmost to ensure that the growing demand for both homes and commercial spaces underscores the township’s remarkable progress.

“Prime commercial properties, like those within Nexus Seremban 2, will demonstrate sustained growth in parallel with the expansion of the scope of the S2 township,” said Chai Kian Soon, Senior General Manager of IJM Land.

“We’re dedicated towards creating functional spaces that provide an ideal environment for prosperous businesses within our township.”

As a result, Nexus Seremban 2 will soon become highly sought-after for businesses aiming to tap into the local S2 working, co-working, retail, and lifestyle scene to go along with a vibrant nightlife and foodie culture.


In totality, the Nexus Seremban 2 commercial hub will seamlessly integrate connectivity,
convenience, and retail and lifestyle appeal. Within this environment, various synergies and
collaborative undertakings will be instrumental in the future success of businesses within Nexus Seremban 2, and its potential for steady rental income and capital appreciation.

Anticipating sustained growth isn’t mere speculation. Fueled by innovative developments and various lively neighbourhoods, the demand for these properties remains steadfast. S2 residents will continue to have easy access to a range of shopping malls and many other conveniences.

In addition, the impressive track record set by previous IJM commercial endeavours, such as IKON at Centrio and The Plazo at S2 Heights further complements what Nexus will offer as the focal point of the township.

Strategically positioned, IJM will prioritise accessibility for business and commercial ventures within Nexus. Existing connectivity infrastructure ensures smooth access to major destinations.

With toll plazas like Seremban, Ainsdale, and Port Dickson, commuting to hubs like Kuala
Lumpur, KLIA, KLIA 2 airports, and other parts of the Peninsula is convenient. IJM is adamant that the perfect combination of accessibility, coupled with the introduction of a
myriad of lifestyle propositions will ensure that Nexus Seremban 2 will be a dynamic hive of
activity where the various communities of S2 will congregate for work, play and more in the very near future.