Work-life integration is about maximising work and life so that you feel rewarded in both areas. Who says you can’t have it all! With the Galaxy Z Fold5, you can harmonise both, like all the traffic lights turning green as you drive down the road.

At Work

As your day starts, get ready to ace work with the Galaxy Z Fold5. Stay laser focused with the help of the customisable Advanced Taskbar, which lets you access up to 4 recent apps faster and switch back and forth between them seamlessly.

The enhanced pop-up view is the trick to keep an app running in the background while you want to concentrate on a specific task.Become a multitasking black-belter with faster, more intuitive moves.

A new feature on this device, the two-handed drag and drop, lets you quickly select, copy, and move content between apps and screens. For example, you can hold an image in the Gallery with one finger, then use another to open the Notes app to drop the image there, like Dr. Strange working his magic.

Collaborate with colleagues when you brainstorm together on Google Meet or co-edit on Samsung Notes with up to 10 of them in real time. The best way to work is to also connect your Galaxy devices for seamless continuity between screens.

A fan favourite, the new S Pen is slimmer, more portable and user-friendly, and ever-ready to help you look into tiny details.

In Life

After hours, it’s time to chillax with a good movie or game. The Galaxy Z Fold5 has an immersive, maxi-sized screen for the ultimate cinematic experience. Enjoy stunning, vivid images on the 7.6” screen, even under the weekend sun, thanks to enhanced outdoor brightness.

What’s more, you can marathon it with up to 21 hours of playback now. Fold the phone halfway for Flex Mode, which is more advanced now, with easy media control so that you
can watch, comment on, and control your content at the same time.

For instance, on the bottom half of your screen, you can read the content info, rewind or forward your video by 10 seconds, or use the touchpad with mini media controls.

The Flex Mode panel is versatile as you can adjust the toolbar order with tools for the win, such as Split Window, Quick Panel, Screenshot, Touchpad, Brightness, Volume, and Settings.

Flex Mode also supports multi-finger gestures – use one finger to move and tap, the second finger to scroll and drag, the third to press back, and the fourth to show the apps screen. So easy! Any easier, you’d have to telekinetically control your phone.

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