Turnkey Consulting, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, successfully hosted a Round Table Breakfast Briefing on “Taking an Integrated Approach to Identity and Cyber Security” on 20th July 2023 at the esteemed Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur.

The event aimed to provide valuable insights and foster discussions on the critical aspects of identity and cyber security for C-Suite executives.

The breakfast event witnessed a gathering of esteemed leaders from various industries, including managers, senior managers, directors, VPs and C-level executives, who participated in an engaging knowledge-sharing and networking session.

“An impactful start: Paul Sanda, [title], delivers a compelling welcome, joined by Turnkey Consulting directors, Nick Vallas and Louis Lee. A moment that set the tone for an event filled with insights and collaboration
Industry experts like Niel Pandya from OpenText and Rob Tyler from Turnkey Consulting, provided real-world examples of successful Identity and Access Management (IAM) implementations, highlighting  the broader business benefits derived from a streamlined IAM strategy.

The attendees also had the privilege of engaging with industry experts from Spectrum Edge, who shared their expertise on the most common challenges faced by organisations in the realm of identity and cyber security. 

Delivering his welcome speech, Paul Sanda, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner, Malaysia & Brunei, Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) at Australian High Commission, Kuala Lumpur said, “The event’s significance lies in addressing the critical topic of Identity and Cyber Security in today’s digital landscape.

Attendees are encouraged to actively participate, as insights shared by industry experts will empower businesses to reinforce their identity and cyber security measures, resulting in better operational resilience and protection against cyber threats” 

A dynamic exchange of ideas around the round table. These snapshots capture the depth of engagement and the thirst for knowledge that defined our Round Table Breakfast Briefing

The event was well-received, with attendees expressing their appreciation for gaining a comprehensive understanding of identity risks and the importance of robust cyber security strategies in today’s digital landscape. The interactive discussions and networking opportunities further enriched the event, promoting meaningful connections among the participants. 

“We are delighted to have organised this round table breakfast briefing, bringing together industry leaders and key experts to explore the critical aspects of identity and cyber security”, said Nick Vallas, Director at Turnkey Consulting Malaysia.

“The event essentially provided a unique platform for C-suite executives to gain valuable perspectives, share their experiences, and discuss strategies for enhanced identity and cyber security.”

This event had not only strengthened the attendees’ understanding of taking an integrated approach to Identity and Cyber Security but also solidified the commitment to collectively fortify our digital landscape through engaging discussions, valuable connections, and the exchange of forward- thinking strategies.

With the dawn of this new cybersecurity dialogue, the event marks not an end, but a beginning and an activator for ongoing collaboration and empowerment within the realm of digital resilience,” 

Turnkey Consulting’s commitment to driving knowledge-sharing initiatives remains steadfast, further solidifying their reputation as a leading force in the cybersecurity industry. With this event’s resounding success, Turnkey Consulting continues to serve as a catalyst for strengthening identity and cyber security practices among businesses worldwide.