Malaysia stands proud as local PR practitioner Jaffri Amin Osman is again elected to sit as Director at Global Alliance PR And Communication Management in Switzerland.

Jaffri had been the first Malaysian to sit at the GA Board when he was voted in two years ago. Global Alliance For PR And Communication Management (GA) is one of the biggest PR Association in the world with more than 350,000 affiliated members from around the globe.

In a statement, Institute Public Relations Malaysia Senior Fellow Professor Dato’ Sri Dr. Syed Arabi Syed Abdullah Idid says “Public Relations fraternity is proud that Jaffri will be carrying the torch and aspirations of Malaysian and ASEAN PR practitioners and professionals.

“To be honest I am not surprised at Jaffri’s win. We always knew he is a professional, global in his ways, local in his approach. He has the drive to ensure strategies are not just words on paper. He delivers every time. His talks, programmes and campaigns in Malaysia, in ASEAN and globally have been exemplary.

“One such example is our KUALA LUMPUR INTERNATIONAL PR (KLIP) Conference. It has grown in popularity since inception in 2019. Local, regional and international speakers and participants are easily engaged as they respect Jaffri as a PR leader, presenter and of course as the Conference Director. Congrats Jef, you deserve to lead Asia-Pacific PR again and IPRM will back you in all your activities.”

In a congratulatory message, Justin Green, President and CEO, Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management (GA) said “Congratulations, Jaffri and the Malaysian, ASEAN and Asia-Pacific PR professionals. Jaffri had led, contributed and networked to grow the PR profession globally and had set new standards these couple of years.

He has performed admirably as the Global Alliance Chair for Education, Training and Development for two consecutive years as well as heading-up and Chairing the Asia-Pacific Regional Council. With an abundance of experience and professional expertise to contribute, I am certain there is so much more to come from this dynamic, energetic and passionate Public Relations personality.

We are blessed to have Jaffri as a top performing and very hard working Director and member of our Global Alliance Board, across 126 countries around the world.”

Former BERNAMA CEO, Datuk Yong Soo Heong meanwhile said ‘Saudara Jaffri comes across as a perfect master PR strategist since the first day I met him because of his all-round positive disposition.

This unique characteristic is very much needed in the frenetic pace of the demanding PR industry. His wealth of experince is boon to anyone who needs pragmatic PR solutions and those who want to excel as excellent PR practitioners.’

Jaffri is currently the Managing Consultant at World Communications, Kuala Lumpur, a Fellow at Institute PR Malaysia and ASEAN PR Network. He and his team handles various pr and communication clients from MNCs, GLCs to Government Agencies.