Balancing work and entertainment makes us look forward to the day. We all have 24 hours in a day, but if we can do both more flexibly, we can achieve so much more productively than others.

With the new Galaxy Tab S9 Series, you can do this anywhere and anytime. If you’re a student, you can turn the tablet into a PC called Samsung DeX – just connect it to the Book
Cover Keyboard and mouse and voila. Together, these devices shift your efficiency level to turbo mode, plus you can work more comfortably if you’re used to a keyboard and mouse.

Once the clock strikes 6, it’s time to let down your hair for some rest and relaxation. Whether outside or at home, you will enjoy the ultimate cinematic experience on the large screen of the tablet, with stunning and vivid visuals.

For the latest K-dramas, Chinese plays, rom-coms, thrillers, or heart-warming coming-of-age tales, pick from the wide selection with your Viu subscription, which comes free with Galaxy Tab S9 Series.

Pre-order Galaxy Tab S9 Series now and get these offers

Get the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra (512GB) with keyboard RRP RM6,499 at the price of a Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra (256GB) with keyboard RM5,999. Get the Galaxy Tab S9+ (512GB) RRP RM5,199 at the price of a Galaxy Tab S9+ (256GB) RRP RM4,599. Get the Galaxy Tab S9 (256GB) RRP RM4,199 at the price of Galaxy Tab S9 (128GB) RM3,699.