In its latest collaboration with Netflix, Samsung makes the most of the S22 Ultra’s Nightography features to celebrate the show’s season four premiere

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today debuted Make STRANGER Nights Epic, a short film that leverages the advanced Nightography camera features of the Galaxy S22 Ultra to pay homage to the popular Netflix series Stranger Things.

The video is part of Samsung’s ongoing partnership with Netflix and is available to view now on Samsung’s social channels, arriving just as season four of Stranger Things dropped on the streaming platform.

In the short film, the Stranger Things-inspired theme serves as a fitting backdrop to showcase the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s powerful Nightography capabilities. In season four of Stranger Things, nighttime opens up a portal to an extraordinary world – and the S22 Ultra is used to recreate that distinct style and tell a cinematic story demonstrating how Galaxy technology has the power to capture what would otherwise go unseen in the dark.

Making Nighttime Epic

In Make STRANGER Nights Epic, a young girl puts her Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in her back pocket while riding her bike to a Stranger Things 4 watch party at her friend’s house.

During her journey, her video inadvertently turns on, capturing footage of what's lurking behind her in The Upside Down. All of the vertical phone footage scenes were filmed with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The short film also makes the most of the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s powerful Nightography camera features, which include a 108MP main camera and a massive 2.4μm pixel sensor powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that allow it to capture more light and data for brighter, crisper video footage, day and night.