Property Developer Myra’s inspirational wall mural adds soul to Sepang post COVID-19

In the words of renowned artist Pablo Picasso, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Property developer Myra lives up to this philosophy with a unique wall mural that adds colour and excitement to the everyday lives of Sepang residents and visitors, who are looking forward to moving on from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The idea of the artistic project began in March 2020, when the government implemented the Movement Control Order (MCO) to safeguard the lives of people across Malaysia.

Understanding that life would not be the same, Myra believed in creating “new life”, and through the creation of the wall mural, aimed to enliven up the township of Sepang with touches of nature, life and vitality.

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With the objective to help revive Sepang, Malaysia’s airport capital and the focal point of the airline industry, Myra believes the green and artistic wall is an uplifting project that will refresh the landscape of Sepang.

Being the first stop for international visitors to Malaysia, Sepang is also a major landmark. Home to Malaysia’s F1 Sepang Circuit and KLIA, Sepang is also known for its small villages, plantations and the popular Bagan Lalang beach.

Myra’s wall mural is in line with the council’s initiative to promote the Visit Sepang campaign, which recently saw a revival, with the launching of wall murals at the BBST walk.

The shoplots, built by Myra to provide commercial conveniences to the residents, now also gives visitors the opportunity to appreciate the artwork in the form of a beautiful wall mural.

Measuring 9.95 meters in height and 21.34m in width, the lively, bright and refreshing wall mural is an initiative by Myra, together with Sepang Municipal Council. Working closely with Members of Parliament of the area, Myra’s green wall mural has transformed the perception that alleys are dark and uninhabited to brightness, colour and vibrancy.

“The colours and greeneries were conceptualised with the intention to liven up the street. We hope to achieve awareness for this project and Sepang both as a major attraction of Selangor and as a place to settle in with your family,” said Wendy Lim, General Manager of Myra.

A unique feature of the mural wall is the live plants – which grow because of the tender love and care that goes into them. The different variety of live plants growing on the wall represents the concept that every life is different, and each has its own pace of growing and blooming.

A reminder that we all have our own story and achievements that we should be proud of, the murals vines represent how life grows as time passes, bringing the ups and downs of life with it.

The bud is also featured in the wall mural, which represents Myra, a budding developer amidst property giants. Lastly, the pink of the flower represents the soft approach Myra takes in facilitating the process of homebuying for homebuyers.

Working alongside well-known landscape architect firm Rent-A-Pot, the artistic endeavour took three weeks to complete. The entire process was delayed due to multiple lockdowns that contributed to the shortage of materials and resources, with the additional problem of the steep cost of materials.

However, the completed and refreshing wall mural now gives residents and visitors the chance to colour their own lives with meaning and move forward with life within the
Sepang district, which is home to several developments including Myra’s newest developments; Myra Impian and Myra Cove.