The OPPO ColorOS has certainly made a mark in the digital experience of OPPO users since its inception in 2013, creating a dynamic way for mobile users to immerse themselves in the detailed features and functions of their OPPO device.

OPPO’s very own operating system boasts a highly-customized, efficient, intelligent and rich design with a support for multiple languages, a whopping 67 in total, showcasing how inclusivity is at the heart of its design.

To date, the ColorOS is one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world, with over 440 million users in 68 countries/regions. By March 2016, less than 3 years after the first ColorOS was launched in September 2013, OPPO has reached its 100 million user mark.

Over the years, the ColorOS has unveiled many features designed to enhance the user experience and this includes the Infinite Design introduced during the launch of the ColorOS 7 and the release of Android 11 with the ColorOS 11, and also provides OPPO users with an experience closer to stock Android.

OPPO Malaysia’s Chief Executive Officer, William Fang, said that OPPO’s ColorOS is designed to help redefine consumer experience and improve one’s digital lifestyle.

“Our ColorOS has reached a certain level of maturity following years of development,
updates, and positive feedback from millions of users and we are excited for users to
explore the brand new ColorOS 12,” said Fang.