As Honda Malaysia reaches its 1 millionth sale unit milestone, it pays tribute to customers for being the pillar of support that have powered the Company’s growth

1 Million Dreams, 1 Million Drivers. This is the sentiment of Honda Malaysia as it looks back
on the company’s journey towards the momentous milestone of 1 millionth sale unit mark.

There is nothing more exciting than to hear from customers on their take of the brand. Thus, Honda Malaysia invited four of its long-time Honda owners from among the one million drivers to share a glimpse into what made them fall in love over and again with Honda.

Lim Qi Hong

Lim Qi Hong, a 31-year-old Pilot, a father-son duo, Achu and Khaviraj Naidu, who are a
Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Consultant and a Programme Management Officer respectively, as well as Mohamad Badrul Munir Mohd Nadzri, a System Administrator.

Memories of the first time they came into contact with a Honda came rushing back for these customers when asked the question. For Lim, it was on one fine day in 1990, cradled in his mother’s arms going back home from the hospital as a newborn in his uncle’s City Turbo!

This is a story that Lim always hears from his parents and this memory has been staying with the family until today!

It appears the passion for Honda is deep-rooted in the Lim family. His attraction to the iconic Honda S2000’s timeless and eye-catching design was intensified by his family members, who has or had a Honda car at one point in time.

Such enthusiasm in the family caused the 31-year-old pilot to have high expectations when looking for his first car. He eventually fell in love with “her” in 2016 – the 10th Generation Civic. So in love was Lim with his Civic that he even nicknamed her ‘Victoria’, after the wife of a famed football player, his idol – David Beckham.

Coincidentally, the first car that his father owned was also a Civic – the 1st Generation Civic
back in the 1980s. The Civic is more than just a means of transport to his family, it is a symbol of heritage that has a special meaning between him and his father.

Such sentiment was also shared by many Honda customers, among them are also a
father-son duo, Achu, 74, and Khaviraj, 47, who have supported Honda for more than a
decade. Achu, has been an ardent Honda fan since his 30s, when he used to work in the port industry.

Achu Naidu and Khaviraj

His job required him to travel to various countries, where he would rent cars to ease his commute. It was a “love at first drive” when he rented an Accord in one of those trips.

The car’s comfort and performance impressed him so much that he began to set his heart on buying an Accord for the family. “It was a real treat when we bought our first Honda car, the Accord in 2008,” Khaviraj said.

For Achu, his little grandchildren chatting and laughing in the rear seats were among his most treasured memories with their Accord.

Like father like son as the saying goes. The close relationship between father and son also
included the passing down of a love for Honda cars! As the family grew across generations,
the CR-V with its unrivalled interior spaciousness became the choice for Khaviraj.

Khaviraj and Achu Naidu

The family parted with their first Honda, the Accord but now also has a HR-V in their porch. Khaviraj’s busy work schedule renders him to cherish every moment with his family even more.

He said, “I like to take my wife and daughter for a little spin in the CR-V. I love the CR-V’s spaciousness, and for me, it is top of its class. You will know how amazing the car is especially when you are picking up relatives from the airport with excess baggage.”

Family ties and memories are also what Badrul, 58, cherishes. His first Honda was a City that he bought for his late wife in 2015, before adding on a Civic in 2018. Last year, the family’s Honda line-up expanded when one of his sons bought the HR-V.

Now, his dream is to own an Accord! He adores the well-built and stylish design and of course, the spaciousness that provides great comfort for him and his family.

However, it is the City that will always have a special place in his heart. Working in the
Information Technology (IT) industry required him to travel extensively, and the City was his best travel mate back in those days.

He was impressed by the fuel efficiency and durability of the car when he had to travel all over Malaysia and hit more than five thousand kilometres in a month, hassle-free! Sentimentally, it was the City that he chauffeured his late wife around in and he still cherishes those memories.


“Owning a Honda car has been my dream since a long time ago. It is really a dream come
true that we own three Honda cars, each with their unique features. It gives me joy each time I see the three cars with the “H” emblem parked in front of my house,” Badrul said.

As the customers recounted the numerous memories that they have had with Honda cars,
their joy of being among the one million drivers, was palpable. For them, owning and driving a Honda is something special that made them feel privileged and fortunate.

They look forward to seeing Honda Malaysia keeping up with the developments to continue improving the quality of Honda cars and the service to all customers.

It is heartening to note that the Japanese marque has built such a place in the hearts of
Malaysians such as those exemplified by Badrul, Achu, Khaviraj and Lim. As Honda Malaysia crosses its 1 millionth sale unit milestone, it pays tribute to its customers for being the pillar of support that have powered the Company’s growth.