Campaign aims to demystify general insurance and help Malaysians understand the importance of insurance protection.

AIG Malaysia launched #AIGJagaYou, a customer-centric nationwide campaign that is expected to reach out and appeal to the Malaysian community. The campaign exemplifies AIG’s commitment to of doing things differently, especially in demystifying general insurance among Malaysians and helping them understand the importance of insurance protection.

The word “jaga” is derived from Bahasa Malaysia, which simply means to take care of. #AIGJagaYou kicks off with a partnership with Community Policing Malaysia that strives to promote a safer community through close cooperation with the police. The non-profit organization consists of ordinary citizens, retired police officers and everyone who cares and who are concerned for the safety of society.

AIG Malaysia’s contribution of RM12,000 is expected to aid the organization’s efforts in policing activities, including collaborating with them on several of their future initiatives. This collaboration will be followed by a series of educational videos on #AIGJagaYou into the market, including a social media campaign to provide greater appeal to the AIG brand and reach out to customers with a more local look and feel.

AIG Malaysia’s Chief Executive Officer Antony Lee described the campaign as a game changer for the brand in Malaysia in reaching out and appealing to Malaysians through simple messaging and objectives.

“AIG is your Jaga who is always here for you. We want to be there for our customers and help them to live the life they want, by providing a fresh Malaysian perspective on insurance,” he added. The Jaga campaign was first conceived in August 2016 to provide a stronger proposition for AIG Travel Insurance in the market.

Besides creating top of the mind conversations about AIG Travel Insurance, it was also to drive conversions for travel insurance purchases online. Jaga was perceived as being always there for you wherever you are in the world, complementing AIG’s worldwide 24/7 Travel Assistance to address any uncertainties throughout your journey.

Back then, the video garnered 2 million video views on YouTube and Facebook. For more information of AIG’s products and services, visit


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