In the age of social media and digital storytelling, capturing high-quality videos has become more important than ever. Whether you’re documenting your travels, creating content, or simply capturing everyday moments, the Samsung Galaxy A55 5G is your best videography companion.

With industry-leading 12-bit Super HDR technology, offering FHD at 30fps with an incredible 6.8 billion colours, your videos will be true to life with vibrant and accurate colours.

HDR captures a broad spectrum of light and shadow, enhancing detail and clarity in every frame, making it perfect for shooting outdoors or in challenging lighting conditions.

One of the standout features of the Galaxy A55 5G is its Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS)
combined with 4K Adaptive Video Digital Image Stabilisation (VDIS). This technology ensures your videos remain stable and vivid, even when you’re moving.

Whether you’re walking, running, or capturing a spontaneous moment, the Galaxy A55 5G’s advanced stabilisation provides smooth and delicate video output, significantly reducing motion blur.

When filming in tricky lighting conditions, such as a sunset or a dimly lit room, rely on HDR to balance light and shadows, bringing out details that might otherwise be lost. Imagine you’re at a lively street festival, you can walk through the crowd, capturing the vibrant colours of the decorations with Super HDR.

As you move, the 4K Adaptive VDIS keeps your video stable, ensuring that every detail, from the performers to the intricate designs of the stalls, is captured smoothly and clearly.

The Galaxy A55 5G is designed to be your ultimate videography companion, ensuring that every video you capture is as dynamic and vibrant as the moment itself.

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