Poised to redefine the prestigious Mercedes moment for its customers, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia rolls out Star Elegance – a first-of-its-kind lifestyle retail concept within the automotive industry, debuting at Hap Seng Star Bukit Tinggi.

Amanda Zhang, CEO & President of Mercedes-Benz Cars Malaysia said, “As a leader in the luxury car industry, Mercedes-Benz is consistently enhancing the luxury experience for its customers.

Today, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is pioneering an industry-first by integrating a wellness-centric approach into our retail environment. The Star Elegance concept seamlessly blends innovative retail experiences with meticulously curated lifestyle elements, creating a holistic and unprecedented luxury experience for our customers.”

Edmin Naidoo, Vice President of Customer Services at Mercedes-Benz Cars Malaysia,
reaffirms that, “With the introduction of our Star Elegance Lifestyle Concept, we continue on our transformative journey to redefine Mercedes-Benz moments.

Star Elegance epitomises our commitment to delivering the pinnacle of customer experience and setting new standards in luxury automotive solutions. This initiative underscores our unwavering dedication to meeting the diverse and sophisticated needs of our esteemed customers, solidifying Mercedes-Benz as the premier choice in luxury automotive.

As we embrace the possibilities that Star Elegance brings, we eagerly anticipate continuing our legacy of customer-centric innovation and shaping the future of luxury experiences.”

The introduction of Star Elegance is strategically aligned to insights gathered from
comprehensive focus groups of close to 400 Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s customers surveyed

Key insights indicated that 94% of the customers find a lifestyle retail concept interesting and 91% of the customers would patronise a lifestyle shop while their vehicle is being serviced.

With the Star Elegance, customers can now start to enjoy a nail spa amongst other wellness services to be introduced. The retail concept, to be expanded over several phases, is expected to enlist new brands and collaborators to offer a repertoire of luxury retail services in the near future.


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