Have you ever felt the need to escape the corporate world and log off from work? @All who prioritize self-expression, creativity, and dynamism, we hear you!

Building on the well-received “The Breakfast Café” accessories, which gained over a million
impressions on social media, Samsung’s region-exclusive Galaxy accessories return for a second edition in a newly minted theme to help everyone – students and working adults alike – challenge the expectations of hustle culture.

Offline in every way

Designed for those who crave a break and want to clock out in style, the “OOO” collection lets your Galaxy S24 series and other Galaxy devices signal that work can wait while you’re on vacation.

With a blend of wit and stylish design, these accessories are designed to encapsulate the wanderlust desire of young working adults who embrace the joy of momentarily escaping the demands of the corporate world.

Actualize the freedom to travel every day by saying you’re off the grid with these assortments of accessories from three well-loved lifestyle brands across Southeast Asia and Oceania – FINNS Beach Club, The Paper Bunny, and Sunnies Studios.

Discover Samsung original designs, as well as brand collaboration designs that are here to help emphasize the ideal “OOO” vibe – from phone cases to GripToks, Buds Cases, keyrings and more.

Exclusive Samsung Members’ “Logging Off” Phone Case

For all long-time Samsung Members, share a Galaxy AI tip and show off Members Pride by
redeeming the exclusive Logging Off Phone case and other accessories. If you are not currently a Samsung Member, simply sign up today and redeem a phone case once you
share your OOO photo on Members community!


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