Mom has always been your awesome companion, supporting you through thick and thin. Now, it’s time to show your appreciation by giving her the Galaxy A15/A25 5G. With mom being Mom the ‘smart buyer’ in the family, the devices equipped with Samsung Wallet, make the perfect gifts for her.

Mom can earn Samsung Points with every transaction, redeeming them for exclusive vouchers. Plus, she can earn up to RM720 in rebates per year, making everyday purchases like groceries, dining, and transportation even more rewarding.

Having a device with reliable battery is crucial, especially when it’s needed to stay connected and everyday usage. The Galaxy A15 and Galaxy A25 5G come equipped with a copious 5,000mAh battery that recharges with Super-Fast Charging, ensuring that Mom can stay connected throughout her day without worrying about running out of battery.

Whether she’s coordinating family activities or catching up with friends, the long-lasting battery life is a true companion. We also worry about Mom facing online threats like viruses or scams. Fortunately, the Galaxy A15 and Galaxy A25 5G feature Samsung Knox, a robust security platform that protects sensitive data from malicious attacks.

This means Mom can confidently store important information, make secure payments, and enjoy peace of mind, making us feel more secure knowing Knox security protects her.

Aside from the fantastic features, there’s even more reason to consider gifting the Galaxy A15/A25 5G to your mom. With up to RM200 off, these smartphones are available at a promotional price starting from just RM899 from now until 31 May 2024.

Additionally, by purchasing any participating Galaxy A series devices, you can join the “Lebih Awesome, Lebih Menang!” Galaxy A Giveaway Contest and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes worth up to RM1,000,000.

This incredible offer adds even more value to an already impressive gift, ensuring that you and your mom can enjoy the best that Samsung has to offer.


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