Traveling is often filled with unexpected challenges and complexities, but it just got easier. Samsung Galaxy S24 series, powered by Galaxy AI, is a personal travel guide in your pocket making the experience smoother and more accessible than ever.

Considering a weekend in Paris? Thanks to the 2024 Summer Olympics, that will be even more popular this year, making it a more challenging destination.

Here are all the ways in which Galaxy AI can ease the journey at step, from planning and communicating better to discovering cultures and creating great memories.

THREE MONTHS OUT: You build an (intelligent) three-day itinerary.

AI can help eliminate travel indecision and answer the question, Where should I go?
As you scroll through social media, for example, a photo highlighting an exhibition at Paris’ Musée d’Orsay grabs your attention. Rather than switching apps to learn more, you use Galaxy S24’s Circle to Search with Google feature, which lets you act on inspiration the moment it strikes.

You press and hold the Home button to activate the feature. The new experience, which brings Google’s latest AI capabilities to Galaxy users, allows you to search what’s displayed on your screen, including images, videos or text.

With your finger or Samsung S Pen, you can simply draw a circle around what you’re curious about — in this case, a social media post — and Circle to Search with Google quickly pulls up relevant information, such as details about the exhibition.

For certain searches, this feature also allows you to get AI-powered overviews so you can more easily understand concepts, ideas or topics from helpful information pulled together from across the web.

In this way, well ahead of your travels, AI adds a new dimension of preparation, helping you follow your curiosity with confidence.


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