KFC Malaysia is inviting you to San-Thai this holiday season with three mouthwatering additions. The KFC San-Thai Crunch, KFC San-Thai Burger, and the much-anticipated return of the Hot & Spicy Shrimp will be available for a limited time, from 15th December 2023.

The KFC San-Thai Crunch is a gourmet twist to the all-time favourite fried chicken, featuring a rich blend of Thai seasonings, while the KFC San-Thai Burger is layered with rich Thai sauces and an assortment of Thai spices, making it the perfect zing for the holiday season.

Bringing back a crowd favourite, the Hot & Spicy Shrimp features bouncy whole shrimp meat marinated in KFC’s signature Hot & Spicy flavours. The Hot & Spicy Shrimp comes with every Holiday Bucket, making it an ideal addition to your holiday feasting.

“The Thai cuisine is extremely versatile and is a favourite among Malaysians. Being able to innovate and incorporate these rich flavours into our offerings is exciting for us and is a testament to our commitment of offering a diverse range of flavours for our customers,” said KFC Malaysia’s Chief Marketing Officer Premnath Unnikrishnan.

He added that the Holiday Bucket paired with the all-new Hot & Spicy shrimp would be the perfect side to fulfilling meal this year end.

Make sure to experience your very own San-Thai culinary journey with these new offerings at all KFC outlets starting 15th December 2023. For more information log on to kfc.com.my


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