While the concept of AI may sound like a sci-fi movie with futuristic cyborgs walking among us, its uses today is less dramatic, yet essential for a modern mobile experience.

Through Samsung’s most epic innovation, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, you’ll see the perfect example of AI at work in our daily lives – unleashing freedom in creativity with its groundbreaking camera!

For the nocturnal photographer, Galaxy’s signature Nightography has gotten an upgrade through the ISP multi-frame processor, which combines multiple images, resulting in sharp, vivid night photos and videos.

The OIS with a 2x wider correction angle ensure that your videos will be stable and high quality, so you can confidently shoot on the move. With AI integrated into its cameras, including its 12MP front camera, you’ll capture stand-out portraits as it can accurately analyse a subject’s distance and separate them from the background using enhanced
bokeh effects, even in low light.

Selfie gangs will appreciate the Super HDR that’s now available on front cameras, and fast autofocus that jumped from 30fps to 60fps, getting you the most vibrant and flattering

Galaxy S23 Ultra excels at capturing objects at great distances as well, thanks to its 200MP camera and adaptive pixel zoom. You can easily zoom in to focus on the finest details of your subject, while pictures maintain their high resolution with uncompromised sharpness.

When it comes to editing, AI enables you to take your creations to the next level with the Remaster tool for low quality photos or grainy GIFs and memes. Object Eraser is a cool tool that intelligently removes photobombers or random objects ruining your pictures.

In addition, Samsung has added a new correction feature that can fix distortions that may occur in wide and ultra-wide-angle images. Every way that AI is weaved into Galaxy innovations makes your life ultra effortless.

The coming of Galaxy AI will revolutionise your everyday mobile experience with barrier-free communication, simplified productivity, and unconstrained creativity. Stay tuned for Epic times ahead!


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