Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad (Alliance Bank) is collaborating with leading higher learning institutions, Monash University Malaysia and the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (“INCEIF University”) to carry out joint research and thought-leadership events to extract industry-based insights for the development of sectoral playbooks to help small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) fast track their environment, social and governance (“ESG”) adoption based on best practices of industry.

The collaboration will help drive research and deep dive into industry-specific ESG challenges, needs and opportunities in order to fill the knowledge gap where there are too many generic information and guidelines or frameworks that do not cater to the smaller players in the market.

Working closely with Monash University Malaysia and INCEIF University, Aluse the insights from the research to develop pragmatic solutions to help Malaysian businesses
adopt ESG whether they are operating in a conventional or Islamic marketplace.

“Throughout our long journey in helping SMEs grow, we understand that it comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities which differs from sector to sector. As we aim to be our customers’ bank for life, it is important to continuously learn and understand their unique perspectives in order to develop relevant banking and non-banking solutions to help them meet their specific challenges so they can continue growing.

We believe that businesses that embed ESG practices stand to gain a competitive edge that positions them to capture more growth opportunities. Our new partnerships with Monash University and INCEIF University brings together complementary expertise and resources that will help drive the development of the tools and programmes for businesses to speed up their learning curve and adoption of sustainable practices,” said the Bank’s Group Chief Executive Officer Mr. Kellee Kam.

“Monash University Malaysia is proud to be a part of this significant initiative. Sustainability is not just a buzzword. It’s an imperative for businesses in today’s world. As a university, we recognise the critical role we play in driving positive change in society.