You’ve bought the Galaxy Z Flip5. Great choice! Now to glam it up and make it more you.
Buying a smartphone case is a whole journey on its own. You’ll want something that protects your phone, at the same time has pizzazz that reflects your big personality and style.

Samsung created the Flipsuit Case, giving you multiple ways to glow up your Galaxy Z Flip5. Like magicians transforming into something else when they put on a magic cape, the Flipsuit Case works the same way.

Slip in any interactive card on the back cover and watch as your Flex Window changes according to the card you use. Designed with customisation in mind, this one-of-a-kind case makes it easy to flip things up depending on your mood or OOTD.

Wear a SFW professional look in the daytime, then slay with a lit theme at night. This Flipsuit hocus pocus works with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. An NFC component on the interactive card sends data to your phone to display the dynamic content on the Flex Window. Ta-daa!

With Samsung’s collaborations, you can try out different characters and designs from TOILETPAPER, Smiley, Keith Haring, SKZOO and more.

Purchase the Galaxy Z Flip5 from now until 31 October 2023 and get the Flipsuit Case with two free Flipsuit Cards (worth RM297) at just RM50. Give your phone a fun digital makeover anytime, every time!

That’s not all, check out more rewards 4 worth up to RM1,347 below: