Two Malaysian teams – Team Myth Avenue Gaming (MAG) for Dota and Team Todak have booked their places to represent the country at the upcoming Asia Pacific Predator
League 2024 that will be held in Manila, The Philippines next year!

These teams have bested a lot of teams to reach the finals. The Asia Pacific Predator League 2024 Malaysia Qualifier recorded a remarkable milestone with over 100 teams registered for the tournament, double that of the previous year.

Over a weekend of intense battles at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, the Asia Pacific Predator League 2024 Malaysia Qualifier Final saw Team MAG outplaying Team Dota Hero in over 5 hours to emerge victorious with a 3-1 win.

The glory belongs to Team MAG members i.e. Chan “Lonely Chucky” Kok Khin, Denise “Wonder’boy” Danial Bin Abdullah, Ho “Candyloon” Wei Loon, Loyd Yoong “LOyd” Binjie, and Pang “ponyo” Sze Xuanwere whose impeccable teamwork and strategic prowess had fans on the edge of their seats.

Throughout the Dota 2 matches, timely coordination and brilliant gameplay were the order of the day. Team Dota Hero did not make the win easy for Team MAG – they made Team MAG work hard to earn their points and destroy Dota Hero’s throne before the ‘GG’ call was made.

Dota Hero team comprising Eugene “peter” Ong Gee Haw, Nicholas “Zeal” Lim Eng Han, Chua “Shen” Jian Shen, Chang “Sh4dy” Kyle Venn and Lee “CDR” Jia He can definitely hold their head up high with their fighting spirit.

In another best-of-five face-off, Team Todak and Team Path in Valorant pushed each other to the limit with neck-to-neck wins. The clash was the making of an electrifying showdown. As the Valorant action unfolded, Shamir “subbey” Aliff Bin Saifu Zaman, Fakhrul”jeed” Najeed Bin Idris, Tarmizi “kael” Bin Rusli, Muhammad “FrostyZ” Adam Bin Muhamad Nazri, and Muhammad “fragile” Aeiman Salleh Bin Hanapi of Team Todak showcased their exceptional teamwork and pinpoint accuracy that pushed Team Path to the brink before making a comeback.

It was a competitive battle of skill, strategy, and nerves of steel, supported by ardent fans who sat riveted to each move. Precision and tactical prowess were executed with flawless plays.

Each round brought new highs and heart-pounding moments. The tension soared as the score remained tightly contested! It was 12-12 in the deciding round and went into over time, which tied at 13-13 before the winning team sealed it at 15-13.

Ultimately, Team Todak clinched the title in a dramatic finish that sent their fans into rapturous celebration. Nevertheless, Hazim “kye” Bin Mohamad Salihuddin, Muhammad “zeeq” Hazeeq bin Shammim Azad, Sirajul “Riza” Azrie Bin Sirajul Adly, Darwish “toggle” Hakim Bin Nazari, and Dzul “Miko” Hilmie Bin Noor Roslan of Team Path have also proven themselves to be the players and team to be looking out for in other Valorant tournaments.

Team MAG and Team Todak each took home RM11,500 in cash, and five Predator Robust luggage, which will come in perfect for their trip to Manila. The second placed teams did not go home empty handed – each of their cash prizes was RM6,900 in addition to five brand-new Predator gaming chairs per team.

In total, the prizes handed out at the Asia Pacific Predator League 2024 Malaysia Qualifier amounted to about RM100,000!

Having booked their seats to battle it out at the Asia Pacific Predator League, Team MAG and Team Todak will be sharpening their skills to not only fly the Malaysia flag high atthe regional battle, but also to lift the APAC Predator League Shield, be rewarded with a lion share of the US$400,000 prize pool and bragging rights until the next Predator League.

Scheduled for 13th and 14th of January 2024 in Manila, The Philippines, the Asia Pacific Predator League 2024 Grand Finals will showcase elite teams from across the Asia Pacific region, vying fiercely for the coveted regional Predator League Shield and their share of the US$400,000 prize pool.