Love taking group selfies to express all your sides? Then do that thing you do, while joining Samsung’s #FlexYou360 Challenge for a chance to win a trip to Korea!

All you need to do is use the Flex360 App to capture a short video or multi-angled group shots of you and your Flip Gang flexing every angle. The Flex360 app allows users to capture multiple 360-degree angles at just one click, with more than one Galaxy Z Flip5 device that’s paired.

Samsung created the app exclusively for Galaxy Z Flip5 users to bring them innovative experiences that can only be found on the Galaxy foldable device.

Catch the #FlexYou360 film for inspiration on how to use the Flex360 app:

Don’t forget to also visit Flip Town for more selfie adventures. You can capture your video entry on the Flex360 Bus at the Galaxy Space Hub in Flip Town, or at the Flex360 selfie booths at selected Samsung Experience Stores.

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