The Galaxy Z Flip5, Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Tab S9 Series bring you unique moments that can only be experienced on Galaxy.

Journey into unrivalled flexibility and versatility, such as multitasking on several apps at the same time on one screen; or enjoy watching your favourite K-dramas on a big screen on the go.

And now when you purchase these latest innovations, you can enjoy a storage upgrade on Microsoft 365 and access YouTube Premium. Come unfold new ways of productivity and entertainment on the Flip side!

Store precious memories on the cloud

Love capturing photos and videos on your phone? Store those precious memories in a safe place so you can relive every moment again and again. Or if you frequently work and collaborate on your phone, you’ll need a secure space to keep your files.

When you purchase the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 today, you get free 6 months of Microsoft 365 Basic that comes with 100GB of cloud storage, plus ad-free secure email and access to Microsoft support.

Enjoy endless entertainment on the go

You can also get free 4 months of YouTube Premium 2 for an uninterrupted viewing experience when you purchase the latest Galaxy Z Series smartphones or Galaxy Tab S9 Series.

Enjoy benefits like ad-free streaming of all your favourite content, downloading videos to watch offline, queueing videos, background play, more control over playback settings, and more!