Whether a person is in transit at an airport, shopping at a retail store or working from home, today’s expectations of customer experience have changed drastically in
the past few years.

The growth of e-commerce and digital interactions has made retailers rethink how best to deliver value-added consumer experiences in stores beyond the accessibility of online shopping.

At work, organizations are seeking to make the office a more productive and collaborative experience than working from their homes.

Both scenarios highlight a common thread – the growing expectation from consumers, external or internal, for a fresh experience that is rewarding and sustainable over time. People want to be engaged by, instead of being weary of, the interactions they have to encounter.

“Display is a big part of transformation today where organizations are redefining customer
experiences in a new digital world,” said Leslie Goh, Regional Head of Display for Samsung
Electronics in Southeast Asia & Oceania.

“At the center of new customer experiences lie compelling content and services presented on high-quality and connected visual displays. At a self-service bubble tea kiosk, a menu on digital signage offers engaging and real-time information to inspire a purchase.

At work, an interactive and immersive display provides a parity of experiences for those
present both physically and virtually. This is why the Pro AV market in this region continues to be an exciting one where organizations have the urgency to transform their display strategies.”

Our Display Ecosystems

In Southeast Asia and Oceania (SEAO), Samsung has been working with a wide range of partners to imagine and build the next generation of premium display experiences for the office, at home, in retail outlets, in large outdoor settings, in hospitalities and many other locations.

Our deep and vibrant partner ecosystem consists of technology and solution providers, as well as IT and audio-visual system integrators that work closely to develop quality display experiences for organizations.

Across the region, Samsung has invested in six Executive Briefing Centers (EBCs), located in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam to showcase our wide range of display solutions.

Prospective customers can view our digital signage in person, meet with our subject matter experts and gain insights into how display solutions can elevate customer experiences.

Visual Feats at InfoComm Asia 2023

At the recent InfoComm Asia 2023 show, Samsung came together with partners in the region to showcase the latest professional audio-visual experiences catering to back-to-office needs, as well as consumers seeking more rewarding interactions with businesses.

In Bangkok, Thailand, the annual regional tradeshow offered a unique opportunity for professionals to experience the latest professional audio-visual technologies.