Malaysia, the land of continuous festive feasts. In this stretch of time between the year end and the beginning of the new year, we will have gone from celebrating Deepavali to Christmas in 2022, to preparing for the New Year, Chinese New Year and soon to be followed by Ramadan in 2023 in quick succession.

It’s a wonder we’ve been able to keep up with the demands of observing our obligations while keeping family, friends, and our loved ones constantly fed and feted.

But not to worry – just in time for this season of giving and gifting, Samsung has introduced a new range of products to elevate your kitchen: the Bespoke Top Mount Freezer with Digital Inverter Technology, Convection Microwave Oven with HotBlast™, and Grill Microwave Oven with Healthy Grill Fry Function.

“The kitchen is arguably the heart of every home, especially in a country like Malaysia where diversity in culture and cuisine is prominent. We believe that our brand-new products can make sure you’re always prepared for anything, no matter the occasion,” said Elaine Soh, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

“This festive season, we aim to bring you products designed by you, for you. Let our versatile roster of products elevate your festive delicacies, and give yourself the gift of
time to fully observe these occasions with your loved ones instead of being chained to your kitchen duties.”

Stock Up Your Freezer – But Make it Fashion

Offering an impressive 401L capacity, the Bespoke Top Mount Freezer with Digital Inverter
Technology comes in two attractive colour combinations, combining clean white with clean pink or clean navy blue. You also won’t have to worry about storing your favourite holiday beverages with The Big Guard, perfect for storing and chilling tall drinks and bottles.

What’s more, our All-around Cooling Technology allows even cooling from corner to corner, keeping your food fresh for longer. Even with the door opened, the refrigerator will quickly restore to an optimal temperature, maintaining a constant balance of coolness.

The Bespoke Top Mount Freezer with Digital Inverter is further outfitted with Digital Inverter Technology (DIT), allowing the refrigerator to operate longer, while using less energy and producing less noise.

The Digital Inverter Compressor precisely controls the flow of air, actively and efficiently saving energy while the refrigerator is active. The minimalistic design allows the refrigerator to fit in with any kitchen, seemingly integrating with the room yet providing a stylish look to the kitchen for the whole family.

Additionally, the refrigerator comes with a 21-year lifespan and a 20-year warranty on compressor, offering you peace of mind.

Hot and Healthy Festive Goodies in a Jiffy

Turn up the heat with our Convection Microwave Oven with HotBlast™ technology and the Grill Microwave Oven with Healthy Grill Fry Function, the perfect kitchen companions, now available in a range of exciting new colours such as Clean Charcoal (35L), Clean Pink (35L), Jeju Yellow (35L).

Never have we offered such options in terms of colours and functionality, allowing you to pick and choose what to have in your kitchen this holiday season. Coming in various colours, inspired by the beautiful island of Jeju in Korea, get ready to liven up your kitchen top and experience a range of capacity to suit your needs.

Having a festive fest could be challenging when trying new recipes, but the option to choose between the Convection or the Grill Microwave oven will leave you and your family satisfied and healthy by the end of your family gatherings.

The Convection Microwave Oven sports the HotBlast™ technology, a brand-new way of cooking that reduces cooking time significantly without compromising on the quality
of the food. With powerful hot air being blown from multiple air-holes/vents, your choice of food will be cooked evenly throughout, leaving it crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside.

Not to mention, the 6-in-1 functionality: Air Fry, Grill, Baking, Steam, Microwave and even Fermentation; making your cooking possibilities limitless.

The Grill Microwave Oven specialises in using the Healthy Grill Fry Technology, focusing on bringing the crispiest and juiciest of dishes. Utilising the Grill Fry (Crusty Plate), you can grill and bake your favourite festive dish without compromising the texture, flavour and freshness of your dish.

The Grill Microwave Oven is also equipped with the Home Dessert Function which allows you to make your favourite desserts quickly without pre-heating the oven. With just one tap of a button, you can bake the dessert of your choice.

Just mix the ingredients, put the mix in and let the Grill Microwave Oven do the cooking for you. What’s more, there are various colours for you to choose from, such as: Glam Sky Blue (30L),  Jeju Green (23L),  Jeju Yellow (30L), Clean Pink (30L, 23L) , Clean Mint (23L), Clean black (30L, 23L).

Options are plenty when you’re choosing from Samsung, especially during this holiday season.

However, some aspects that makes the ovens so reliable are kept the same, like the durable ceramic enamel finish, allowing for easy and hassle-free cleaning, and the intuitive and clear control panel that fits the smooth aesthetic without being intrusive to your kitchen style.

Regardless of what you decide on, you’ll get something very special this festive season for the whole family.