No matter where you are, the Galaxy Z Flip4 is ready to capture the perfect moment. With this device, you can flex tons of amazing photos from new perspectives!

We know it’s hard to get the perfect shot when you’re all alone especially when you want to try new angles.

With FlexCam, though, you can enjoy hands-free photography from any angle you want. Simply prop up your Galaxy Z Flip4 and snap away. So whether you’re traveling solo or in the mood for a photo session with friends, FlexCam 1 has got your back—literally!

Flex for Social

It’s not too late to build your social profile. Building your social is an important way to build your brand and the image you want to portray. It’s a reflection of your values and what you care about.

So start glowing up your profile because making your own content has never been simpler with FlexCam.

Flex the angle that works for you—leave it flat on a surface and begin capturing with your voice or palm out for recognition! If you want to record a video, use the Auto Framing feature to film hands-free videos in Flex Mode while keeping in focus.

If you’re on-the-go and need to be quick, hold the camera in the conventional camcorder mode for a more secure fit. Plus point: the capture or record button is just located nearby your thumb.

Flex for Nightography

You know what’s better than a night out? A night out with really great photos of all the memories you made—the excitement, the embarrassment, the people and the fun you were having.

Capturing photos at night is a lot of fun, but it can be tough to get the right shot. With powerful camera advancements, the camera on the Galaxy Z Flip4 will automatically adjust its settings to boost the lighting in every shot so that you can capture all the adventures from every angle in clear, low-light situations.

This includes smoother and brighter nighttime videos too—with its Night, Hyper lapse feature, you can make time-lapse video in the dark too. It’s like having a professional photographer and videographer right there with you!

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