OPPO, the world’s leading smart device brand, has launched the 2121 Future Photography Project, a campaign to encourage people from around the world to capture and share the everyday memories they want to preserve for the next 100 years.

The purpose of this is simplistically sentimental – to recognize that there is beauty around us everywhere, every day. From the people we encounter, to the food we eat, to the animals we play with, to the architecture that we see around us, or to the natural environments around us that take our breaths away.

These things that we encounter every day should be documented and remembered and appreciated, not just by us but by our descendants as well.

OPPO’s Global Brand Ambassador, Academy-Award winning actor Eddie Redmayne, unveiled the Project in a video, inviting smartphone users to think about the images they want to capture, share, and save for the future.

“They always say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But there are some pictures that leave you speechless. And it’s not always the big things. Sometimes it’s the little ones. And I think in 100 years, that’s what I want people to see,” said Redmayne, who used the OPPO Find X3 Pro to shoot his own photos for this Project.

“We also want to leave the memory of the good stuff, the silly moments, the moments we came together. Our photographs can show all of that. We can share today with the world of tomorrow. And help them hopefully remember us at our best,” he added.

#DearFuture2121 Global Photography Project

OPPO’s 2121 Future Photography Project invites people from all over the world to share photos, accompanied by a message to the future; photos and messages that they believe people will resonate with 100 years from now.

Inspiration for these shots can be taken from everyday moments – the people around them, their space, or their natural environment. It is a call-out to capture life’s
meaningful memories and to always hope for a better future.

These photos, along with their messages, are to be posted onto Instagram and tagged #DearFuture2121.

If the photos are taken with OPPO phones, the hashtag #ShotOnOPPO should be
used as well!

#DearFuture2121 #MalaysiaFuture2121 Photography Contest

Locally, OPPO Malaysia is taking part in this celebration of everyday moments as well with its Future Photography Contest. The theme and purpose of this contest is rather simple and in line with what is being done globally – to preserve our beloved Malaysia for our #DearFuture2121.

From now till the 25 th of June 2021, Malaysians are invited to snap a photo from one
of these three categories:

1. Nature
2. City / Landscape
3. Humanity (Portraits / Culture)

Pictures taken are to be uploaded onto Instagram and @OPPOMalaysia must be tagged.
The hashtags #DearFuture2121 and #MalaysiaFuture2121 must be included into the
captions. Moreover, the hashtag of your chosen category must be included as well (i.e.
#DearFutureNature, #DearFutureLandscape, #DearFutureHumanity).

If you are an OPPO user, OPPO invites you to add the hashtag #ShotOnOPPO too! OPPO Malaysia’s #DearFuture2121 photography contest will feature many attractive prizes worth a total of RM65,000 to be won, including:

Grand Winners

Winner Category Prize Quantity (Total)
1 st Prize OPPO Find X3 Pro 1
2 nd Prize OPPO Reno5 2
3 rd Prize OPPO Reno5 F 3
Consolation Prize OPPO Band 5
Category Prize OPPO Watch 41mm

Weekly Winners OPPO Enco Buds 9

Upon completion of the national contest, five ultimate winners will be picked for the
ultimate cash prizes:

Ultimate Winners

(to be selected from list of Grand & Partnering Media Winners)
Ultimate 1 st Prize RM5,000 Cash
1 st Runner Up RM3,000 Cash
2 nd Runner Up RM1,500 Cash
4 th Place RM850 Cash
5 th Place RM500 Cash

Through this campaign, OPPO hopes to encourage Malaysians to look for the beauty
around us. But more than that, the goal is for us to appreciate our surrounding cultures
and subjects that are uniquely Malaysian, therefore preserving them so that those who
will come after us in 100 years will have the privilege of experiencing these things like we

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