The world leader in innovative surfaces makes a statement in the commercial interior design scene

As we become more affluent and blessed with leisure time, style becomes a salient part of our lives. This booming interest also extends to and is imbued into architecture and interior designs, and the surface industry is driving to meet the demands of both the residential and commercial scenes.

Indeed Tokyo Offices Meeting Table

After 4 decades of global expansion and growth, Cosentino, the leading global firm in the
production and distribution of innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design has made a name for itself by being a prominent player especially in the residential design scene.

Cosentino products are no stranger to being sourced and used as kitchen and bathroom
countertops, washbasins, flooring and siding, and now the Spanish multinational company is looking to reiterate its presence in the commercial design scene.

What makes Cosentino products really stand out is its commitment to produce and develop
innovative and technological-advanced surfaces to provide value for its customers. In the
commercial scene, the Silestone and Dekton brand by Cosentino stand out due to its versatility and nature that is able to withstand rough conditions indoors and outdoors.

Silestone is Cosentino’s quartz brand that offers clients over 50 colours with different textures, formats, edges and thickness, hues and styles. Made of more than 90% quartz, Silestone is stain, acid, shock and scratch resistant, thus providing outstanding durability and resistance for easy maintenance.

The new ultracompact surface by Cosentino, Dekton, also provides an impressive range of more than 60 colours across 8 collections with different hues and styles. Dekton slabs and surfaces come in various thickness and sizes (4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 20mm ) as compared to most suppliers that carry only 2 thickness options, making it the designer’s choice in the market.

Made of technological material composed of porcelain, glass and quartz, Dekton is high UV, high scratch, stain, high fire, heat, slip, abrasion, thawing and freezing resistant.

Both Silestone and Dekton surfaces are game-changers in the world of design as they are
available in cut-to-size-formats which provide a seamless continuity and greater sense of
elegance in a design.

Mark Collar, General Manager of Cosentino Malaysia said, “Cosentino has been one of the
strongest players in the industry for the past 4 decades thanks to our innovative and versatile offerings and we will continue to deliver and meet our consumers’ expectations and demands with our quality products.”

With the variety of designs, thickness and sizes Cosentino is offering, the company has played a major role in various commercial projects around Asia. Here are some projects proudly using Cosentino’s industrial collection:

1. Haidilao Marina Square, Singapore

Designer: Wilson Associates

Haidilao, one of the largest hotpot cuisine brands in China and a popular spot for many, has
introduced an AI-powered “smart restaurant” at Marina Square, Singapore last year. The hotpot chain introduces an futuristic dining experience with a personalised menu, robot servers, sound and light projections.

Cosentino’s Dekton Soke and Silestone Desert Silver have been incorporated to the beauty room vanity tops as well as the dining room floor of the restaurant.

The combination of Dekton Soke and Silestone Desert Silver provide the perfect complement to the Haidilao outlet due to their meticulous design such as the realistic veining on the surface that provides a more sophisticated yet homey environment with versatile colours that adapts to any application.

2. Tanah Merah Country Club, Singapore
Designer: Indez Design

Tanah Merah Country Club

One of Asia’s most prestigious golf clubs – Tanah Merah Country Club

Tanah Merah Country Club is Singapore’s premier golf and country club and played host to
Asia’s premier golfing events such as Singapore Open, Johnnie Walker Classic, Tiger Skins,
Lexus Cup and, the HSBC Women’s Champions.

Recently, the club underwent refurbishment works by Indez Design as it continues to set high standards as one of Asia’s most prestigious clubs.

Tanah Merah Country Club’s alfresco dining areas

Tanah Merah Country Club Alfresco Dining Area

Dekton Keon, Silestone Amazon and Ironbark were used in the final design of the country club’s changing rooms, lounges and alfresco dining areas.

All three surfaces are meant to highlight one single aspect of Tanah Merah Country Club: natural touch. The light and bright Dekton Keon was used to bring in a modern feel to the decades-old clubhouse while the darker tones of Silestone Amazon and Ironbark brought life and energy that fits well with the green surroundings of the premises.

3. BHP Billiton Shared Services, Malaysia
Designer: JLL Design

BHP Office Flooring

BHP’s Malaysia office flooring

BHP is a leading global resources company that extracts and processes minerals, oil and gas and boasts having over 90 locations worldwide.

It’s Malaysian office is located in Menara Southpoint Mid Valley City and the luxurious and
elegant Dekton Aura 15 graces the expanse of its office flooring.

Prized for its white appearance and high quality, the Dekton Aura 15 speaks for itself as one of the most sought after surfaces from the Dekton Natural Collection for building decor. With the matte finishing that presented natural intricate veining on the surface, the salient appearance helped the overall office achieve a more refined look.

4. Indeed Tokyo Offices, Japan
Designer: The Design Studio

Indeed Tokyo Offices Meeting Table

In the rapidly growing Azabu district of Tokyo, Indeed, an American worldwide
employment-related search engine for job listings opens its new office that features lounges, coffee bars, game rooms, and the latest in AV and connectivity.

Dekton Kelya, Zenith and Soke were used on the office’s reception counter, meeting table
countertop, canteen, buffet, lower bed and bathroom counter.

Indeed Tokyo Offices’ canteen

Indeed Tokyo Offices Canteen

While the darker tone of Dekton Kelya is inspired by dark marbles, the light streaks on the
surface adds a touch of perspective and helps the colours and shades of its surroundings to pop.

The nordic white Dekton Zenith on the other hand with its clean and matte finish is the
designer’s choice for a fresh and spacious environment.

5. Brio Hotel, Taiwan
Designer: Jhu Cheng Interior Design

Brio Hotel Elevator Area

The elevator area at Brio Hotel, Taiwan

Brio Hotel is a 4-star business-friendly hotel situated in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It is also a popular choice of stay for tourists as it has a great location with the metro station and shops, night markets around the hotel within walking distance.

The elevator area at Brio Hotel, Taiwan

The interior design of Brio Hotel is also much-acclaimed by patrons, especially the elevator
areas that are lined with an innovative Dekton Orix that accentuates the natural beauty that resides in the purity of raw materials.

Brio Hotel Elevator Area

What really makes Dekton Orix stand out is the striking contrast between worn out and new, as well as the well-balanced use of grey, blue and green shades all in one surface.

Committed to the satisfaction of their customers, Cosentino offers a 25-year warranty for all its products.

With an objective to provide solutions and value to its customers, Cosentino recently launched “The Collection Dekton® 2020” for its ultracompact surface brand, Dekton, that boasts being high UV, scratch, stain, high fire, heat, abrasion, slip, freezing and thawing resistant.