The world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand realme officially announces its smart audio AIoT products achieved a sales record of 1 million with realme Buds Air and realme Buds Wireless.

And both products have won a great reputation from global media and fans. In 2020, realme will continue to bring more premium smart audio AIoT products, such as upcoming realme Buds Q and realme Buds Air Neo to be launched very soon.

With realme 1+1 Strategy: Smartphone + AIoT, the company will make all efforts to make itself become “the world’s fastest growing AIoT brand”.

It also plans to launch over 50 Tech Trendsetting products in 2020 to quickly build a 3 in 1 Tech Trendsetting Life around your ‘Personal, Home, and Travel’ experience for the young all over the world.

As ‘Dare to Leap’ Tech Trendsetter, realme to customize products for the young realme, Popularizer of Tech Trendsetter Life, is committed to building leap-forward products for the young with trendsetting technology and design.

Thus, realme cooperated with Naoto Fukasawa, the world’s top industrial design master, and Alan Walker, the Global TOP 100 DJ, to perfect its products in both design and performance.

What’s more, realme invites José Lévy, the designer of Hermes House, to join realme Design Studio as realme Special Art Director and lead the design of realme Buds Q.

realme Buds Q will be debuted in China on 25 th May.

Inspired by cobblestone, José Lévy combines his design philosophy with realme Trendsetting design to bring the consumers leap-forward realme Buds Q. With stylish design, it also has the first-tier performance to entertain your ear.

Besides realme Buds Q, realme also released its Buds Air Neo on the same day. It also has excellent performance and stylish appearance, making it possible to be popular around the world among the young.

Building UNI Smart AIoT, realme aims to be “the world’s fastest-growing AIoT brand”
At the global launch of realme X50 Pro, realme showed a vivid blueprint for its AIoT deployment: with realme Link App, realme smartphones connect the TOP 4 Smart Hubs, together with managing various AIoT products to build a 3 in 1 Tech Trendsetter Life around your ‘Personal, Home, and Travel’ experience

For the TOP 4 Smart Hubs, realme has already launched the smart earphones and gained over 1 million sales. What’s more, realme will debut its first smart TV and smartwatch in India on 25 th May, which marks realme almost accomplishing its goal in its strategic deployment of AIoT with the TOP 3 Smart Hubs around ‘Personal, Home, and Travel’ experience.

After only 2 years since it was established, realme has become one of the major smartphone brands in the world, ranking from Top 47 to Top 7 and recruiting over 35 million fans globally.

What is more, it has grown up to a powerful 5G player in China, Europe and other leading markets. In future, realme will devote itself to becoming ‘Popularizer of Tech Trendsetter Life’ and make more users enjoy the benefits brought by 5G and smart technology.

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