Billplz is a payment platform for merchants to pay and get paid fastest, at the lowest cost possible.

WITH the rapid rise of e-commerce and online businesses in Malaysia, it is increasingly common for payments to be made and received online. Keen to see Malaysian businesses reach new heights, the team at Billplz aims use its to revolutionize the way merchants get paid by ensuring organized billing and efficient payments.

Business owners, especially those running small to medium enterprises (SMEs), typically find it difficult and tedious when managing the payments made to their businesses. They require speed, efficiency and a cost-conscious method of receiving online payments, thus ensuring consistent cash flow in order to grow their businesses.

Billplz fulfills these needs by offering free membership, easy website integration via its API and competitive transaction fees to its merchant partners. Billplz also offers merchants who operate businesses outside of traditional online stores another efficient way of receiving payments- payment forms, which will be shared with their customers via a unique link.

On top of that, Billplz also makes billing easier by allowing merchants to bill customers via email or SMS, two of the most common and widely-used methods of communication around as both can be accessed via any smart device today.

Moreover, Billplz prides itself by being a payment method aggregator. The platform supports a wide variety of payment methods including FPX Internet Banking, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal, as well as banks like Maybank, HSBC, RHB, Affin Bank and United Overseas Bank (UOB), among others.

“We see ourselves as a food court of payment methods for all our merchant. To make their lives and the lives of their customers easier, we want to provide everyone who uses our platform access to the payment method that is most convenient to them.

This ensures that our merchant partners get paid as soon as possible and their customers are able to make payments as seamlessly as possible, thus ensuring efficiency and security for both parties,” explains co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Billplz, Nazroof Hakim.

According to a recent article by The Star, digital payments are quickly becoming the norm in the daily lives of Malaysians 1 . Now that Malaysians are rapidly migrating to the online sphere for services like shopping, ride-hailing and even food delivery, it is no surprise that people are adopting a cashless lifestyle.

Furthermore, at the Perdana Leadership Foundation’s CEO Forum held on 4th April 2019, Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad discussed how digitalization has influenced and changed the Malaysian way of life as well as how we run our businesses.

This is where Billplz’s cost per transaction aims to reassure business owners. Billplz charges a single flat fee for every transaction made through online banking which is one of Malaysia’s most preferred cashless payment channels, as opposed to charging in percentages.

Additionally, the transaction fees are not reflected in the same ledger as that of incoming payments. Instead, they are charged separately to the merchants’ Billplz account, thus ensuring high trackability and organization. In other words, Billplz ensures that merchants receive 100 per cent of all payments made to them, while maintaining the lowest, most affordable fees.

Currently, Billplz has more than 2,500 trusted merchants including Axiata Boost JomParking, CatchThatBus and National Cancer Council Malaysia (MAKNA) and to date, has managed to raise more than RM 1 million in funding from Malaysia Venture Capital Management (MAVCAP) and 500 Startups, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) Icon and Cradle CIP.

For a limited time only, Billplz is offering free credit of RM 10 when you sign up for a new standard membership. Save up to 20 transactions worth of fees now. This offer is limited to the first 100 sign ups! Click on this link to sign up now.