The Malaysian Gymnastics Federation (MGF) announced that it is partnering with renowned Malaysian fashion designer, Melinda Looi, to design and launch their new official uniform and sports kits for Malaysia’s national gymnasts.

THE new uniform will debut at the 2019 Rhythmic Gymnastics Junior World Championships, which will commence in Moscow, Russia on 19th July 2019.

Nine of Malaysia’s top gymnasts who will be representing the country at this World Championships will be donning and displaying the new uniforms to the world stage.

The partnership signifies part of MGF’s efforts to strengthen its corporate identity, one that seeks to raise the appreciation of gymnastics within Malaysia’s sports landscape.

Several corporate entities who have pledged their support as sponsors of MGF’s new vision; including Kenanga, CIMB Foundation and Cosway. The redesigning of the gymnast’s uniform is one of the first steps towards this exercise and, as part of its overall image positioning and awareness, the MGF will also be stepping into merchandise sales with this new design.

Melinda Looi is an award-winning Malaysian fashion designer – acclaimed for her distinctive avant-garde and vintage styles – who seeks to marry creativity, functionality and environmental consciousness in her work. She is well-known for designing the current Malaysian Heroes (‘Wira Malaysia’) national athlete uniforms, which first debut at the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.

The collection represents Looi’s tribute to Malaysia’s athletes, whom she referred to as modern-day warriors, and is inspired by the tiger, the national animal of Malaysia and the symbol of courage and strength in the country’s coat of arms.