QueQ arrives in Malaysia, offering a seamless queuing experience to help Malaysians spend time wisely and get served faster.

QueQ, a Thai-based revolutionary queuing system technology company expands its footprint to Malaysia to help both businesses and consumers eliminate the hassle of queuing by introducing a seamless virtual queuing system.

This is fresh off its recent $2.8million Series A funding from True Incube and Bon Angels Venture Partner of South Korea.

Whether it is lining up making a bank transaction or waiting for a table at a restaurant, time is money. As businesses become aware of the indirect cost of waiting, they are looking for innovative ways to reduce these expenses by designing out queues.

QueQ is addressing the pain points of heavy queues by offering a revolutionary tech solution.

QueQ allows users to reserve their queuing ticket at the tap of a button, within a default distance set by the dining outlets. Each outlet has the option to customize their distance access to their queuing tickets, from as near as 100 metres up to tens of kilometres ahead.

The queue length will be updated via the app in real time and once coming close to the user’s queue, an alert is automatically sent, informing the user to return to the outlet on time.

“We are excited to announce our launch in Malaysia as it has always been our priority market due to its robust and lucrative business nature. In conjunction with the launch, we have rolled out our Key Partner Programme 2019 which offers extensive benefits to partnering F&B merchants throughout the year.

Some of the benefits include preferential pricing to marketing exposure via QueQ’s own branding touchpoints” said Founder and Chief Executive of QueQ, Rungsun Joh Promprasith.

QueQ technology allows users and partners to have a seamless and hassle free method, thus ensuring good customer experience.

On top of that, QueQ also provides useful tools for managers to control the level of service and act upon performance statistics. With clear data-driven statistics, businesses can make informed decisions to improve their sales and services.

Moreover, QueQ mobile queuing system allows users to join a queue from any smartphone or internet-connected device and get notified through their devices when their turn approaches.

Users can wander freely before their turn instead of feeling shackled to a line. This creates an opportunity for businesses to show consideration for their customer’s time while focusing on ensuring that current customers are well-served.

“We want to expand beyond a lifestyle mobile app that addresses the pain points of long queues at F&B outlets. We realised the potential of this solution to help the other sectors like the banks, hospitals, clinics, telcos, government service centres and other customer service centres which are often faced with heavy queue line and we are confident it will help them better optimise the queuing time” said Joh.

QueQ currently partners with selected outlets such as K Fry Korean Urban, Kurin, Yut Kee Restaurant, Ho Kow Hainanese Kopitiam, Bar-B-Q Plaza, Dotty’s Pastries and Coffee and Klinik Mediviron SS22 Shah Alam.