Salam Web Technologies MY Sdn Bhd (Salam Web), announces their partnership with Global Halal Summit (GHaS) 2019 as the Official Shariah Certified Web Browser.

IN line with the overall theme for GHaS 2019 – Halal Connecting the World, Salam Web aims at providing a reliable, safer and ethically sensitive digital web browser for the GHaS conferences, taking place from 1– 6 April 2019.

Salam Web’s partnership with GHaS marks a testament for the reinforces the company’s
commitment to the development of an Islamic Digital Economy, increase opportunities in a Shariah compliant environment and support of the tech industry to incorporate Islamic principles as part of the robust ecosystem.

As the world’s first Shariah certified web browser that is certified by the Amanie Group and in conformity with the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Salam Web encourages business owners to utilize the Salam Web ecosystem to realize their business goals.

From fledging startups exploring new business models to small businesses exploring new online market segments and larger corporations looking to build a more loyal fan base, Salam Web provides a safe, trustworthy platform for business to transact, participate and contribute towards the Islamic Digital Economy.

Hasni Zarina, Managing Director, Salam Web Technologies said, “There is a huge opportunity in the Islamic Digital Economy, and we see a huge potential in developing technology to further enhance the lives Muslims around the world.

We will strive to materialise the Islamic Digital Economy (IDE) agenda that has been laid out by our government. Leveraging on our Shariah certified digital ecosystem, we are
proud to support the IDE community that is nurtured by MDEC.

Through platform as such GHaS, we will be able to have an in-depth discussion on the industry, issues and latest trends for a successful Islamic Digital Economy.

Thus, ensuring ourselves to further enhance our products and services in leading the


While the internet continues to shake the entire industries and economies, Salam Web has taken this opportunity and provide a window to users to navigate their lives with a safer and ethical digital ecosystem.

With their recently launched Internet suite of services – SalamWeb Browser, SalamNews, and SalamChat, Salam Web’s mission is to build and empower a community of like-minded individuals in a safer and ethically-sensitive internet.


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